GoDz : 'Beyondthesummit was just a catchy name that I liked'

first published on March 1, 2013 by Xero

One of DotaTalk’s favourite casters (we love you too, LD) David ‘GoDz‘ Parker, one of the founding fathers of Beyond The Summit has recently set up headquarters in Los Angeles. GosuGamers sat down with him recently to pick his mind

(Left to right) Tobi, Xero and GoDz at SMM 2012

(Left to right) Tobi, Xero and GoDz at SMM 2012

His voice can be heard all over the streams of most major DotA and Dota 2 games all over the world. Manager of N9 before they disbanded, au David ‘GoDz‘ Parker is no small name in the e-Sports scene. GosuGamers had a chance for an interview with him. Below are some choice excerpts from the interview.

You had been a caster for GGnet for a few years and then you started your own company, BeyondTheSummit. How did that idea came to be?

I don’t really know (laughs). I wanted to run an Asian tournament since there was nothing at the time (back when I did the Gigabyte Dota Masters), and because I would be casting some and Triumph doing some it made more sense to have a general tournament channel rather than using personal streams. Beyondthesummit was just a catchy name that I liked. The idea for the company came much, much later.

BTS has 80 thousand unique viewers. Do you think it will grow any bigger than it currently is?

I wasn’t aware of that number actually (laughs). For us, as long as the Dota 2 scene keeps growing, we’ll grow along with it. We always hope to increase our viewership and have our content reach more people. I definitely see that happening in the future.

Recently, your partner LD and you have decided to set up a studio in Los Angeles. What is the benefit of setting up this studio?

It’s basically putting us in a work environment where we will be able to produce more content with a higher level of production quality, and do more events and cool shit for the Dota 2 community. We could only cast from our bedrooms for so long!

Why LA? Why not in Asia or perhaps Europe?

LD was already living in the US, so it meant only one of us had to do a major relocation (I was going to have to relocate regardless, #AustraliaInternetBlows). Additionally, there’s a growing local Dota scene here already with Purge, Blitz, Fluff, Demon, and more living nearby. There’s other practical reasons towards it as well which are probably a bit boring to list off though.

How do you feel tracing the support of the community going up within the first day?

Tracking the immediate huge growth was phenomenal. We raised $10k in the first 3 hours (there I was imagining how many people were asleep), and $25k in just over 24hours. It’s a good thing I wasn’t casting with LD because there were tears in my eyes and I could hardly control my emotions with the overwhelming community support. I never could have dreamed up such a response.

The first tournament at a donation of $50,000 will be an online SEA tournament. Why SEA?

There’s simply FAR less content there. Just last night there was EG vs Liquid, Fnatic vs VP, and NaVi vs nth all at the same time in different tournaments. Unfortunately, the Asian scene has far less regular content and exposure, so we simply want to try bring more of a balance, and help ensure that the overall growth in all regions for the Dota 2 community.

With so many games running a day, will BTS be looking to hire more casters in the future? Who is the first person in mind?

We’d love to have Winter join us in our studio, but he still has aspirations to compete, and other issues would maybe come with that. We also have someone in mind in the US who will remain a secret!

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