ADATA Premier Pro SP920 Review

first published on July 3, 2015 by jami

Product on Review: SP920 SS
Manufacturer and Sponsor: ADATA

 It’s been awhile since I last reviewed a product. Today we will be looking at ADATA’s latest SSD. Let me first introduce a little bit about the company. This company might be less known compared to Corsair or Kingston but actually, they have been in the storage and RAM industry for quite a long time. A quick look at their website here shows the number of products sold by them. As far as I know, their DRAM modules are quite popular among the PC enthusiasts, in particular the XPG model. Ahh, I don’t want to go off topic and ramble about their other products. Let’s get down to business and have a look at their Solid State Drives.



Wide range of products offered by Adata




As you probably know, I’m a gamer. It is pretty straightforward when it comes to selecting the right SSD for my gaming needs. I need STORAGE, SPEED and RELIABILITY. I am not too concerned about the speed as most or if not all SSDs are fast. The standard data transfer rate should be 6Gb/s. The size of the SSD does not matter to me as I will be using this on my desktop PC.




So, as you can see the product comes with 3 years manufacturer’s warranty. So if the SSD suffers from failure, you can contact your local retail shop and ask for a replacement from them. Of course, storage devices are usually very delicate. If you accidentally dropped the SSDs, the factory may find out from diagnostic tests and might not offer you a replacement. That’s something to take note of.





The exterior shell of the ADATA Premier pro SP920 SSD is of a two piece aluminum construction, both pieces protecting the interior printed circuit board (PCB) by four screws.



The blue plastic chassis is just for you to lock the SSD to your PC Casing. They separate this chassis with the SSD just in case you may want to use the SSD in laptops. Actually, I really like the thickness of the SSD. As you can see from the image below, my Kingston HyperX is so much thicker compared to my new ADATA SSD. It allows me to fit the SSD easier in laptops. The Kingston HyperX SSD actually DOES NOT FIT too well into my DELL laptop. It will bulge up and I will be unable to cover the backside of my laptop.

Thickness of ADATA SP920 compared to Hyperx Kingston

Thickness of ADATA SP920 compared to Hyperx Kingston


front face of SSD

Ah, I probably should have blurred out the warranty or serial codes but it’s okay. I have confidence the product will last for a really long time. SSD does not contain moving parts unlike HDD which has mechanical turning parts. It works the same as USB thumb drives. So it is safe to assume they will last longer.


Back side of the SSD

I guess that’s all from me. You can purchase the SSD from various online IT stores. You can check out the video preview below as well.