Xero chats with W|nter and Mushi

first published on November 13, 2012 by Xero

Xero from DotaTalk caught up with W|nter and Mushi from Orange eSports, Malaysia and asked a few important questions that fans of Orange has been dying to hear the answers of.

Interview with W|nter :


Rumours had it that iceiceice will be joining Orange eSports, with you leaving to join N9. Any truth in that?

You’ll have to wait for an official announcement from Orange, I am not sure about what is going on there. As for as for my situation, I am at the bench for the moment.


How did you manage to balance your time between training, your studies and your relationship?

It’s all about having good planning and time management.

What was the main problem you faced while joining N9 for the GEST and G1 league?
Different time zones reduced our training time a lot, it may only be 3 hours difference but due to work commitment and studies of some of the N9 players we had very little time to practice together. We take mainly our official matches as practice.

Why did Space Monkeys decide to forfeit the ACG finals?
1 of the players had to go, he had an emergency to attend to so we could not play the last game.

What advice would you give to all the aspiring Dota players out there?
Never give up when you’re chasing your dreams.

Unsatisfied with the answers received from W|nter, Xero then contacts Mushi for the follow-up interview :

There are rumours of iceiceice joining Orange, any truth in that matter?

Iceiceice is only a temporary stand in for us. He will be joining the G1 league with us in China.


What about Chuan joining Orange for the WCG finals?

That is just a rumour.Our team can’t afford to have Chuan to join us 😛


What is your lineup for WCG in China, then?

At WCG our line up is YamateH, Xtinct, Ice Ky.xy and me (Mushi)


What about W|nter?

Winter is still on our team. But he is playing for N9 right now.


You’ll be facing N9 tomorrow at 6.30pm, any preparations made so far?

Just watch their replay and discuss about the draft.


With the G1 league semifinals coming up, GEST in this week and WCG in 2 more weeks, your training schedules must be tight. Do you think Orange is prepared to come out on top?

Yeah. There are a lot of tournaments this month. We will be training hard and aiming for the top in all of the tournaments.



Rumours of W|nter leaving Orange, Iceiceice joining Orange and Chuan playing as a super stand-in for Orange in the WCG has just been cleared out. Orange has been playing some wonderful games in the G1 league, Asian Cyber Games and GEST. Hopefully their streak will not stop and we will see some fantastic games from Orange in the near future.


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