Xero chats with PMS.furryfish*

first published on November 7, 2012 by Xero

DotaTalk has been lucky enough to contact someone who has been missing in action in the competitive Dota scene for quite some time : PMS.furryfish* from PMS Asterisk!

For the guys out there who do not know who they are, let furryfish introduce herself in person :


My real name is Tammy, and my nickname is furryfish. I’m part of Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers (a USA based clan with around 800 girls), and from the Asian team Asterisk*. My full nickname is PMS.furryfish* and i play DotA 2.



PMS hasn’t been seen in the competitive spotlight for quite some time. Why?

We’ve had 2 core members leaving us to become air stewardesses, so in the meantime we’ve been playing with a few other potential teammates and seeing how things work out.


We’re going to announce a new partnership soon, so hopefully that gives us the support we need to get fighting fit again.



What do you girls do in your spare times?

Mahjong, fishing, travelling, movies, reading, singing… have tea, look for good food… normal stuff I guess!


Any future developments/plans for PMS?

Yup, we will be taking in new blood, and dawn has decided to stop competitive gaming and become our marketing manager.


Also, there’s the announcement i hinted at…


What do you think about the recent roster-changing trend happening in the Dota scene?


It seems to be something peculiar to Dota and CS (Counter Strike). LoL and HoN seem to have more stable line ups. We’re seeing more inter-continental line ups emerge as well, and i think that’s great, as long as the competition rules don’t prevent those teams from taking part based on nationality.


Which do you prefer? DotA or Dota 2? Or other MOBAs?


Physically speaking, DotA was/is more challenging than Dota 2, and I respect the game for that, even though many would say that it’s running on an outdated engine, lousy graphics etc.
Dota 2 has been more teamwork based because there is a smaller pool of heroes, and teamwork seemed to triumph over individual stars in the team.


But well, I guess I’m for Dota 2!


I’ve heard that you’ve been in Seattle for The International 2 (nah, I’ve been stalking LOL). How would you describe the atmosphere there? What was it like being there LIVE to watch the best teams in the largest Dota 2 event?


I had the most fun during the group stages. All the teams were packed into various locations at the Valve office and interacted face to face all the time. It was really fun to see people of different cultures mixing together and using sign language to try to understand each other.


The play offs were amazing too, the organisation involved in making it run smoothly was amazingly well done. most e-sport events are known to fail in some way or another, but Valve really got it right. They really took care of the teams too, and made sure everyone was not only comfortable, but EXTREMELY PLEASED.


It was really really fun to meet all the people you usually only talk to online, and cheering along with all the other fans in the hall gave everything so much energy.


Fellow Singaporean iceiceice challenged Team ImPunity in Heroes of Newerth. What are your predictions? Is he ready for the smackdown?


I can’t say he’s been training seriously with the rest of his team for it, but they’ve decided to give it a few days of work.


At this moment in time, nope they aren’t ready, in fact, he just discovered that there’s no delay if more than one person teleports to the same structure.
It will be entertaining nonetheless, I’m sure.


I know I’m asking for all the gaming guys out there, are you single? LOL


Nope! I’m not single. but I’m probably too old for most of the gaming guys. =D


What is your advice to the gamers out there, specifically the gamer girls who want to look as hot as you but are afraid of getting pimples for sleeping late?


Don’t be afraid of being meatier than me. I’m trying really hard to put on some weight, by going to the gym and lifting weights, but its just not working.


Change your pillow case often, and no matter how tired you are after your last game, make sure you brush your teeth and wash your face.



There you have it, wise words from one of the world’s best female competitive Dota gamers. The official Facebook fanpage for PMS Asterisk is http://www.facebook.com/pmsasterisk, while furryfish’s own Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/pmsfurryfish.


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