WCG 2012: Chisbug takes IG.Chuan's place

first published on November 11, 2012 by admin

IG.Chuan, part of the actual champion team Invictus Gaming will not be able to play with his fellow teammates according to the WCG rules about players representing the countries must be from the represented country.  Chuan will not be playing with his team due his Malaysian Nationality. Instead Chisbug will be replacing IG.Chuan for this year’s WCG.

Chisbug, the former LGD player and former co-partner of YYF during the domination of LGD and EHOME era, is well-known for his aggressive play style, taking the 4th or 5th role, will be able to fulfill IG.Chuan‘s place

Since Chuan will not be playing with his team, rumours has it that his old buddies from Orange will be picking him as a super-sub for the Malaysian powerhouse, when Orange represent Malaysia in the Main Event of the World Cyber Games, held in Kunshan, China at November 29.

IG will be playing in the finals of WCG China Regionals against DK on November 12th. Tune in BeyondTheSummit Tv to watch the matches live.