Vivacity E-Sports forays into Dota 2

first published on March 26, 2013 by Xero

Sounding the horns of war, Vivacity E-Sports announces two teams that will fight their battles in Dota 2


Vivacity E-Sports, an organization that started out with a SMITE team recently stepped into the Dota 2 scene, signing world Oslik Gaming and picking up a South East Asian branch my Extacy Gaming.

world Oslik Gaming, the Russian branch signed by Vivacity E-Sports has recently came second in the StarLadder TV Pro Series, which means they will be promoted to the Star Series in the next season. They have also reached round 5 of Bigpoint Battle #2, losing to ru RoX.KIS. Lead by former ru xx5 and ru zNation player ru Alexey ‘Alba‘ Docenko, Oslik Gaming has set their sights high.

Statement from Alexey ‘Alba‘ Docenko, captain of Oslik Gaming

All of us at Oslik Gaming are happy to announce that we will now be known as Vivacity. This partnership has both validated our hard work to get to this point and it has motivated us to continue with our dedication and practice. We are confident, now more than ever, that given time we will be able to compete at the highest levels of DotA, and represent Vivacity E-Sports along the way. We would like to thank both Vivacity E-Sports for picking us up and any fans we may have out there already.

Oslik Gaming roster

  • ru Alexey ‘Alba‘ Docenko (Captain)
  • ru Alexander ‘GGSanta‘ Illin
  • ru Evgeniy ‘__brain‘ Buyanov
  • by Max ‘Obiwanbanan‘ Shedyakov
  • by Denis ‘Judo‘ Shedyakov
  •  Ahmad ‘HyDra‘ Al-Saqarat (Manager)

Looking to broaden their horizons in the Dota 2 scene, Vivacity E-Sports also picks up Malaysian team my Extacy Gaming as an Asian branch. Although not as prominent as their European counterparts, Extacy Gaming has had their moments of fame, specifically during the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament Central Selection qualifiers and qualifying for the Armaggeddon Dota 2 Grand Slam Asia Malaysia Grand Finals. Extacy Gaming will be playing in the AGL Kuala Lumpur Season 2 on the 6th-7th April in Malaysia.

Statement from my Dawei ‘Xero‘ Teng, captain of Extacy Gaming

Vivacity is one of the growing e-sports organizations that are keen to take in aspiring e-athletes and help them to achieve their dreams. In this sense, we have a common goal, so we contacted Mike (who is a great guy) and he offered us a deal. And here we are, Vivacity.MY! Our… main focus right now will be upcoming LAN and online tournaments such as AGL Season 2, the monthly GMPGL and GEST (that’s what we know of right now). Hopefully, with Vivacity on our backs, we will rise to become one of the top teams in the SEA region.

Extacy Gaming roster

  • my Dawei ‘Xero‘ Teng (Captain)
  • my Wei Yean ‘AE‘ Koh
  • my Kah Heng ‘Kael‘ Poon
  • my Wei Sheng ‘Hototo‘ Phut
  • my Michael ‘ChanHoNam‘ Kon

Source : Oslik Gaming pick-up, Extacy Gaming pick-up