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Everyone who is anyone knows what Attribute Bonus (shall be referred to as “Stats” from now on) is and what it does. However, many people fell flat in justifying their skill builds most of the time, forgetting to take into account that Stats is just a part of your skill build as anyone else (yeah, sorry Carl). A lot of people fail to realize the level of adaptability you need to have when needing to succeed in a game like this. For most players, taking Stats in favor of leveling up other doesn’t sound quite appealing to them on a lot of heroes. However, is that true?

1. Facts

Now on to the facts.
By taking 1 level of Stats, you gain +2 to each of your stats.

Taking 1 level of Stats, you gain +2 to each of your stats.

Each point in Intelligence will:
Increase the hero’s max Mana by 13
Increase the hero’s Mana regeneration by 0.04 points per secondEach point in Agility will:
Increase the hero’s armor by 0.14 points.
Increase the hero’s attack speed by 1 pointEach point in Strength will:
Increase the Max HP of the hero by 19 points
Increase the HP regeneration of the hero by 0.03 HP per secondEach point in your Primary Attribute would increase your damage by 1.

So, each point put into Attribute Bonus gives you 38 HP, 0.06 HP regen/sec, 25 MP, 0.28 Armor, 2 Attack Speed, 2 Damage and 0.08 MP regen/sec. Those are the facts.

2. Applications:

What are the downsides of taking Stats? Well you don’t have that 1 point to put into leveling a hero’s other skills. Now, most people find this a turn-off and would rather put points into the hero’s unique skills instead. However, is this always justified? Probably not.

It is difficult in trying to weigh the value of a skill point at a certain time, because that would change game-by-game and requires good decision making if you aren’t just going to mindlessly follow a predefined build order. If you feel like that’s too much work or lack confidence in yourself to make it work, then stop reading. Stop reading this article because it is obviously not going to do you any good. For those who decide to stick around, hope you know what the hell you’re getting yourself into.

I’m not going to go too in depth on this, since that would be where my opinion become to apparent and would lead into unbeneficial bias and that would not do anyone any good. So, take a look at a hero like, say,  ancient apparition  for example. Usually, a cookie cutter skill build would be maxing Cold Feet first, getting Vortex in between, ulti whenever possible, Touch when the other two skills are maxed and stats when you have nothing else. That is as simply as it gets. However, is that the optimal skill build? Picking a hero, you should know what you are picking that hero FOR and build that hero into the role you’re putting her/him/it into. So what do you want this particular hero to be able to accomplish in the first 10 minutes of the game? Is he going to be a lane support with his locking combo in order to grab kills? Or is he the farmer, getting the crucial last hits and building into an early important item? He might as well be a solo hero, facing off against the lane opponent in a battle for lane control. Would you say that the aforementioned skill build be suitable for him in all these situations? Here’s a clue: no.


You see, as straight forward and simply to use as that skill build is, it just doesn’t really cut it when it comes to certain things you need to do. A good argument would be when you’re facing against a lane of Slardar + Lich in the middle lane while your team has a tri-lane protecting a farming carry that probably wouldn’t help you at mid. Would you just make due with the normal skill build or should you try something else. At a glance, Cold Feet would work in all situations, being the versatile skill that it is, so there really is no reason to overlook it. Well, should you take Vortex then? It helps slow an opponent and amplifies the magical damage of Cold Feet. Seems like a no-brainer choice, right? Think over it now. What purpose would Vortex serves at this point? Do you really need the slow? Are you actually hoping to kill Slardar & Lich (assuming competence) alone as AA, or softening them up with your harass when THEY go at you instead? Or, you could take a level or two in stats, beef up your heroes a bit, make him less prone to harass and dying in general. Remember though, everything is just a bit, since if not everyone would be picking Stats. If sometimes when that protection of the raw body of a hero seems more appealing than powering up (or even getting) your other skills.

Obviously how and when would you apply these tactics are highly variable and thus it would be wrong for me to point you towards a particular direction, because that would do nothing but limit your own choices. People should be free to grow after all. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to give you any tips of course.

There are some fingers I can point, next time you try one of these heroes, ask yourself whether you can apply what you just read: Witch DoctorSkeleton KingDrow RangerGyrocopterJuggernautAncient ApparitionPhantom LancerSilencerNecrolyteSven

Those aren’t all, but certainly the easiest applicable.


Well that’s it for now, thank you for those who has read this article and will be continuing to read LightRedemption’s articles.

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