The legendary ZSMJ is back!

first published on December 1, 2012 by admin

The former LGD player ZSMJ, well-known for being one of the best carries of all dota history, is back on the Dota 2 scene.

The chinese player is back after a long retirement. Dota 178 talked to the carry legend and asked him about his comeback, and his future in Dota 2.

178: You’ve been retired for a fair amount of time, can you reveal anything about your life after retirement, have you gotten used to a Dota-less lifestyle?

ZSMJ: For the past bit of time I’ve had a steady job, so I’ve been passing my days as an ordinary person. No matter if my choice is to play professionally or to retire, the choices are my own, so I can get used to it all.

178: What were the reasons behind deciding to come back? Is it because in your heart you could never let Dota go, or Dota 2′s massive prize pool competitions?

ZSMJ: Actually it’s none of those. It can only be said to be an alignment of the stars, a well-timed return of a friend, who successfully talked me into it, which ultimately allowed me to decide to return.

178: Can you reveal anything about the process of forming your new team?

ZSMJ: The final 5 man roster hasn’t been confirmed yet, because in the current scene it’s still quite hard to find suitable people. Personally speaking, once the team is formed, then the only goal is to strive for championships, nothing else.


For the full interview head over to dotaland for the english version. For the chinese version head over to dota 178 .

Source: dotaland, dota 178