The G-1 League Western Qualifiers DDoS Reschedule

first published on April 24, 2013 by solstice

Some time back, the G-1 League Western Qualifiers had to be postponed due to unfortunate DDoS attacks. Now making a comeback, the new matchups will take place between the 24th and 29th of April.

g1 league

The G-1 League (Chinese)

Scheduled Games:

24th April Wednesday  14:00 CET – Kaipi vs Fnatic
25th April Thursday  10:00 CET – Lower Bracket 1st Round, 1st Game
25th April Thursday  14:00 CET- Lower Bracket 1st Round, 2nd Game
26th April Friday  10:00 CET- Winner’s Bracket Semi-Finals 1
26th April Friday  14:00 CET- Winner’s Bracket Semi-Finals 2
27th April Saturday  10:00 CET – Lower Bracket 2nd Round, 1st Game
27th April Saturday  14:00 CET- Lower Bracket 2nd Round, 2nd Game
28th April Sunday  10:00 CET – Lower Bracket 3rd Round
28th April Sunday  14:00 CET – Winner’s Bracket Finals
29th April Monday  14:00 CET – Lower Bracket Finals

Current Bracket Standings:

Winner’s Bracket


Courtesy: JoinDota

Lower Brackets:

lb 1

Courtesy: JoinDota

Source: JoinDota