The 'Chuan' sheds light on iG

first published on March 29, 2013 by solstice

In a recent interview with the DotaLand, the CEO of cn Invictus Gaming, Efeng and one of their players, iG.ChuaN shed some light on Eastern Dota. In this interview, ChuaN talks about the makings of a pro player and some trivia, whilst Efeng broaches the topic of Esports as a whole.


Dota Titans: Invictus Gaming

DotaLand: How did you first step onto the path of becoming a pro player? In many people’s view, esports is the same as casual play… Can you tell us what your training is like? Is it at all similar to what some people think?

I stepped onto this path by playing and fighting for my dreams! Esports has become my professional career, so it isn’t simply play! Every day we undergo specific, targeted, and planned training!

You went from being a solo mid player to successfully transforming into a 4 position support, very different roles both mentally and attitude-wise. How did you adapt?

ChuaN: Thinking back on that moment standing on stage as champions, all the sacrifice is worth it! The team and togetherness above all else!

 Efeng Answers!

Will there be iG-branded merchandise? Stuff like gaming peripherals, perhaps?

Yes! This year, even!

Efeng, what are your views on those players who are still very young, and also need to continue their studies?

I feel that these things aren’t necessarily in conflict with one another. Games can be their hobby from youth, it’s the same basic principle as those kids that take up things like art, sports, etc. And if they display true talent in some way, then they can consider a career in it. :)



Source: DotaLand