I-League Grand Final : Old vs Young who will win?

I-league_logoTongfu.OB keeps setting new standards as they will be taking on the TI4 runner up VG in their 1st major LAN Final for a whooping prize money of over $300,000. Match will be live from 4pm SGT..

i-league semifinalThe arena is set for the grand final of I-League, the very first major LAN event announced after TI4. After a long one month qualifying round, 3 teams emerged to take on the finest of chinese teams to bring the glory back home. But one after the other all the titans fell, on the very first round of the playoffs we lost 2 of the 3 non-chinese qualifier, rounding up with the one and only SEA team, Rave, one of the 2 teams who stole the spotlight.

Rave was against the group of so called “retired generals” who, although the tournament, has been an example for the modern Dota2 eSports. Although many will still argue they are yet to be tested against the top tie teams; the effortless emerging from the chinese qualifier, which is the most competitive scene in the world, cant be denied. Even the presence of a TI winning and a runner up team is over shadowed. Yesterday in a run for a spot for the grand final, after a surprise comeback by Rave in the 2nd game, Old Boys simply decimated the filipino lineup.

xiao8Source :2p

But this time they will be, what most will agree, under real test as the TI4 runner up team, VG.cn, Although Vici Gaming is playing with a completely new line up without rOtK or Sylar, the performance hasn’t seen to be fallen, they even took out iG in two straight games at the semifinal yesterday.

As the meta is yet to settle with most teams still stick with their old 6.81 strat, it will be interesting to see which team goes out of the box in the BO5 grand final. Will it be Xiao8 taking his first championship title post-ti or it will be VG’s turn for the glory. Dont forget to tune in at 4pm SGT for the Grand Final BO5 matchup, matches will be live broadcasted on BeyondTheSummit TV.


Bracket Image Source : Liquid Wiki

Xiao8 joins Tongfu.Old Boys : There is no retirement in DotA !!!

xiao8 joins tongfu

NewBee has announced via their Weibo that they have granted a request of Tongfu to hire Xia08 for the next 15 days for the Old Boys roster. The announcement came yesterday, just a day before the opening of the LAN Playoffs of i-League. Although it is not yet clear if Xiao8 will be actively playing matches with the roster or taking the coach position. Additionally, the initial goal for the roster was to help new teams train better, better explained as a roster of coaches, although the success of the roster was something unexpected. It seems the the teams intends to set a benchmark as high as possible to show the world, the age limit of 25 spatially mentioned at Free2Play, can be wrong if you wish to push your limits.

xiao8 joins tongfuobWith this inclusion Xiao8 will be re-united with former colleague YYF as they take on the battle for I-League championship with a prize money worth over $300,000.

TongFu.OB roster :

cn Jiang “YYF” Cen
cn Xie “DD” Bin
cn Huang “LongDD” Xiang
cn Chen “Zhou” Yao
cn Zou “820” Yitian
cn Zhou “Zippo” Xiong


Source : Newbee’s Weibo


iG , Champions of RedBull ECL !


Picture by ECL
As RedBull ECL come to an end, chinaInvictus Gaming took off the title in  Red Bull Esports Champion League (ECL).over their rival chinaDK. Congratulations to chinaInvictus Gaming  to win their first major event of the year. They have not won one since March 2013. It is a good start forchina iG in year 2014.

Their winning streak continued in the grand finals as they dominant overchina DK by a 2-0 in a series of Best of 3 and taking home the total prize of USD 16,470 ( 100,000 RMB ). DK will go home with USD 3,924 ( 20,000 RMB ) while chinaTongFu in the Third place with USD 1,647 ( 10,000 RMB ).

In Game 1, an outstanding performance from Hao on Dragon Knight. Ferrari_430 also had a good game.


Game 2


Once again, we hereby congratulate china Invictus Gaming  for their victory in 2014 !

Their next match will be in less than two weeks as we will face chinaTeam DK once again in the grand final of G-League.


ECL ahead of schedule for DK, iG, TongFu, Titan

As we recently witnessed chinaDK’s epic comeback to win WPC-ACE League just yesterday, they are certainly looking forward to RedBull ECL with their counterparts chinaiG, chinaTongFu and Titan. The tournament is scheduled to start from 3rd of January to 7th of January. As only 4 teams will be competing in this tournament, there will be no elimination during the groupstages as teams will only be competing for the seed placing. The total prize pool for the tournament will be RMB 130,000 with the champions walking away with a total of RMB100,000.

Source: Gosugamers.net

WPC-ACE League groupstages coming to an end


WPC-ACE League groupstages is coming to and end after almost a month long and over 100 games being played. Topping the chart is DK with a total of 40 points. Behind them is iG, VG.cn, TongFu, LGD and LGD.int who made it into the top 6 placing. With this, these six teams have guaranteed themselves into the playoff rounds that will commence next week.

There will also be a reschedule in their timetable as DK will be taking on LGD.int and TongFu later today as they will be traveling to MLG Columbus as an invitee to that event. DK will henceforth be absent from WPC-ACE from 22-24 November. However, all the qualified teams will be playing for seeds this week which will be crucial for every teams to secure themselves their spot in the semifinals.


TeamDK.jpgTeam-Invictus.jpgVici gaming large.jpgTongFu.pngLGD.png

YaphetS returns – TongFu announcess 3rd team

The legend is back – YanJun ‘YaphetS‘ Bu will officially make his debut in Dota 2, forming TongFu’s third teamtongfu3

Along with Junjie ‘Sydm‘ Tong, Huang ‘LongDD‘ Xiang, Kai ‘Kabu‘ Zhao and famous Chinese pubstar zExBingo, the Shadow Fiend prodigy will return to the competitive Dota 2 scene under the tag of TongFu. Being the 3rd team under the sponsor, TongFu #3 will be playing in their first competitive match in South Korea next week, making their debut in the Nexon Invitational Super Match.

TongFu #3 roster

  • Junjie ‘Sydm‘ Tong
  • Huang ‘LongDD‘ Xiang
  • Kai ‘Kabu‘ Zhao
  • Yanjun ‘YaphetS‘ Bu
  • zExBingo

Source : 2p.com

TongFu ready to roll

Since the swap between Zhou and Hao a few days back, TongFu has been searching to complete their roster. Now they have, with the acquisition of Jian ‘ZSMJ’ Gong and Xuntao ‘Xtt’ Xu


TongFu went the furthest between all Chinese teams in The International 2013, managing to finish top 4 but ultimately falling to Neolution.Orange. Several Chinese forums reported that the impending Chinese reshuffle will start with TongFu, and the aftershocks are still coming. Jiao ‘Banana‘ Wang and Yang ‘KingJ‘ Zhou has left for Invictus Gaming and Rising Stars respectively, and in return TongFu welcomes the legendary Jian ‘ZSMJ‘ Gong and Xuntao ‘Xtt‘ Xu, both formerly of Vici Gaming.

TongFu’s statement on Facebook

“Hello! A few days ago, we sadly announced the departure of our long-time member, Hao, to Invictus Gaming. Today, we would like to introduce you our new line-up.

First of all, we sadly have to bid farewell to both Banana and KingJ who officially joined Invictus Gaming and RisingStars, respectively. Secondly, we welcome former Vici Gaming players, ZSMJ and Xtt, to our club. They have showed good results in their respective clubs, and we hope that they can impress even more under the TongFu banner.

Please, give them a warm welcome! We hope that you will continue to support us despite losing three players who made our fourth place finish at The International 2013 possible.”

TongFu will debut with their new roster in the Sina Cup tomorrow.

TongFu roster

  • Pan ‘Mu‘ Zhang
  • Zhao Hui ‘SanSheng‘ Wang
  • Jian ‘ZSMJ‘ Gong
  • Xuntao ‘Xtt‘ Xu
  • Yao ‘Zhou‘ Chen

Source : TongFu

Hao exits, Zhou welcomed


The latest information regarding roster changes in the China Dota2 scene revolves around two prominent carries in China, namely Chen “Hao” ZhiHao from TongFu and Chen “Zhou” Yao from Invictus Gaming.

The possible transfer of two star players, Hao and Mu from TongFu has been discussed lately among the Chinese organizations where there are rumours that a price tag of USD120,000 has been offered by an unknown Chinese organization. On the other hand, following an unsuccessful run in the recent Internationals, Invictus Gaming has decided to release their carry player, Zhou in order for the incoming of Hao where they are once again looking forward to retain their success and achieving greater heights.

Prior to these changes, will TongFu continue to live up to expectations even without the presence of Hao, or will they slowly tumble? On the other hand, will Invictus Gaming be able to regain their success through Hao? Only time will tell…

Source: TongFu Facebook page

Fnatic.EU vs TongFu: TI3 UB Round 1B


The second match for The International 3’s main event is the Upper bracket match-up of Fnatic.EU and TongFu.

Fnatic.EU ended up with TongFu after Na’Vi chose NeoES,Orange. This is another east versus west match-up, and high hopes are open the streaking western team who finished second on their group and boasted of the only series win against their group leader.


 Fnatic.EU vs  cn TongFu

Game 1 – Fnatic pounced on the opportunity they were given on the draft phase, picking Weaver and Treant within seconds and without any hesitation. Meanwhile, TongFu went with a good all around line-up with Lifestealer, Chen, Puck and Gyrocopter. Fnatic has a very strong killing potential because of the Viper and Crystal Maiden, but the Chinese teams should have the better hero composition should the game drag on.




It was TongFu who drew first blood, getting two kills by the fourth minute. Rubick executed a beautiful body block on the fleeing enemy, forcing the enemy’s teammates to react and giving them multiple kills in the process. Aside from that, the Chinese were also able to pick off the courier of the European mix, further increasing their lead.

Fnatic’s bright spot was Viper on the middle lane. He was totally dominating Puck in both farm and experience, with a big help from Treant’s living armor. Help on Puck was not absent for so long though, as his teammates rotated to score two kills against the Viper. The Rubick who was able to steal Weaver’s Shukuchi was also causing Fnatic some trouble, once pairing up with Lifestealer for a convenient bomb.

TongFu was so far ahead because of their near perfect play. They took down Roshan on the 17th and the mid melee barracks on the 19th, both under very little or no resistance. Fnatic was teamwiped at the 22-minute mark and called GG right after.



 Fnatic.EU 0-1  cn TongFu


Game 2 – With their backs against the wall, Fnatic opted to go with a Lifestealer and a Chen, together with a Venomancer and Nature’s Prophet. A line-up seemingly built for pushing, TF looks well equipped as they have a Batrider and a Gyrocopter.



It was TongFu again who secured the first blood, and more importantly, it was Gyrocopter who had the kill. Fnatic came storming right back though, led by n0tail’s Chen. Chen had three kills and two assists on his team’s first five kills, as they lead the kill score 5-2 and held on to a tiny gold lead because of the tower they took.

Another big fight happened at the 16-minute mark, with the European team ending up again on top. They completed a teamwipe, drawing huge cheers from the crowd. It was another awesome micro play by n0tail, and Lifestealer was finally starting to catch up from the large deficit he was put at. Fnatic also finally found themselves ahead on the experience graph and they also improved their lead on the gold graph.

With the big lead, Puck had a questionable decision of purchasing Boots of travel. The Chinese were able to keep themselves on the game by keeping Puck, fnatic’s initiator, contained through continuous pressure and gank. They can only do so much though, and the slippery intelligence hero finally got his Dagger. This paved the way for several successful Lifestealer bombs, with the Boots of travel finally paying off.

Despite being behind at that moment, the Chinese was able to maintain the farm on their carry. They were also able to sneak Roshan on the 24th minute. Fnatic tried to continue their hunt for pick-offs, but they got counterganked this time by the lurking Batrider and Atropos who used their skills to disable the raged Lifestealer.

The following teamfights never really fell in favor of any team, with both of them trading kills and forcing buybacks off each other. Despite the massive DPS of Gyro, fnatic showed they can still a teamfight as they kited Gyro and ended up on top of a 4-2 exchange. After that though, it was a long stand-off of both teams trying to farm some more.

A crucial jump on the high ground by TongFu happeneed on the 42nd minute, which was made possible after Firefly gave vision and the Storm pulling Lifestealer over. Lifestealer was forced to buy back, but Fnatic just collapsed and got picked off one by one. With big items on the Gyrocopter, the Chinese team went straight for the throne after taking the middle lane. With three out of five heroes dead, there weren’t much chance for the Western team to defend and they called GG.



 Fnatic.EU 0-2  cn TongFu



cn TongFu will be facing ua Na`Vi on the next round of the upper bracket. Their match is scheduled on the day after tomorrow.

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Super League Title Taken in Dominating Fashion

The Super League ended yesterday, with a relative newer name taking the top spot and 500,000 RMB ( USD 81,100~) in cash winnings.


Game 3 was the closest DK can get

Game 3 was the closest DK can get


While cn TongFu isn’t a new team, they haven’t been on the limelight of Chinese Dota (except for 2012 WCG DotA) either. However, they broke out on the recent Dota 2 Super League with a very dominating performance against the best China has to offer. They had a major roster change not long before the tournament, adding KingJ on their roster.

TongFu played very convincingly on the Grand Finals, defeating DK on a very dominating manner. They racked up three straight games, with the games finishing on the average of less than 27 minutes per game. This series just a day after DK eliminated TongFu on the Alienware Cup.

DK isn’t a push-over, as they topped their group sporting a perfect record and defeated cn LGD.cn 3-1 on the semifinals. This just shows the form that TongFu is currently on, which makes them prime contenders on the upcoming Redbull ECL tournament and The International 3. They finished seventh place on The International last year.

With the win, cn TongFu found themselves 500,000 RMB (USD 81,000~) richer.  cn DK received 200,000 RMB (USD 32,000~) for their valiant effort and strong performance.

The Super League is a two-month long, 10-team tournament. It has nine of the best Chinese teams, with Malaysian team my Neolution.Orange rounding up the group. It also featured the biggest prize pool among Chinese Dota 2 events, with 1,000,000 RMB USD 163,000~) give away.


The Grand Finals will be held this coming 6 July, and the championship will be contested by cn DK and cn TongFu. Both teams came from 3-1 Semifinals win against cn LGD.cn and my Neolution.Orange respectively.


Final standings:

  • Champion – cn TongFu – 500,000 RMB (USD 81,000~)
  • Runner-up – cn DK - 200,000 RMB (USD 32,000~)
  • Third place – cn LGD.cn 100,000 RMB (USD 16,000~)
  • Fourth place – my Neolution.Orange – 50,000 RMB (USD 8,100~)


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