Speed Gaming made their best comebacks!


As MLG Columbus come to and end. Who would have thought the underdogs, Speed Gaming to win it all for themselves despite what have been thrown at them. After a mere poor performance on their first day in MLG Columbus with a 0-3 record, they jumped back to a 5-0 streak within the second day. This was truly a historic moment for EE-Sama and his team of SingSing, pieliedie, Aui2000, rtz and bone7 with their first big win prior to the creation of Speed Gaming.

Speed Gaming certainly put on a magnificent show by their drafting and execution in their drafts and gameplay. It was no doubt that Speed Gaming certainly deserved this. Whether it was the arrows shot by SingSing’s Mirana or  EE-Sama’s ‘no mercy’ mentality, Speed Gaming proved to be a force to be reckoned with.

It was not the prize money that drove them to what they are and will be, but it was rather the hardwork and dedication with the desire to win and try their best that have made them what they are. From this day, Speed Gaming has certainly established their ground and will hold up to their achievements for years to come.