SteelSeries Oceania Cup Season 2 is back!

first published on October 18, 2013 by Cubix

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SteelSeries partnering Dota 2 Oceania is proud to present Season 2 of the SteelSeries Oceania Cup. With the recent Open Qualifier being played out, 4 teams have successfully qualify themselves into the Main Event that is due to happen on the 19th to 20th of October. Winners of this edition will be walking away with Natus Vincere apparels with the winner walking away with SteelSeries Siberia v2 Na’Vi edition, Na’Vi Mouse and Na’Vi mousepad respectively to the first and second runner up. All games will be played in the Australian server and the game format for the main event will be double elimination while the finals will be held in a best-of-3 manner.

All matches are available in Dota TV for free.

4 selected teams invited to the main event on 19-20 October 2013

  • flag_australia_smallSYF Gaming
  • flag_australia_smallNoxious Gaming
  • flag_australia_smallHans Reborn
  • flag_australia_smallCant Say Wisps

4 Qualified teams from open qualifier

  • flag_australia_smallFeeder Crew
  • flag_australia_smallKing Hypno Toad
  • flag_australia_smallINNOCENT SHEEP
  • flag_australia_smallVenum Gaming AU

Schedules for Main Event

Saturday, 19th of October (AEST) Upper Bracket – Round of 8 – 1300

  • Match A – flag_australia_smallSYF Gaming vs flag_australia_smallFeeder Crew
  • Match B – flag_australia_smallHans Reborn vs flag_australia_smallINNOCENT SHEEP
  • Match C – flag_australia_smallNoxious Gaming vs flag_australia_smallKing Hypno Toad
  • Match D – flag_australia_smallCant Say Wisps vs flag_australia_smallVenum Gaming AU

Upper Bracket – Round of 4 – 1500

  • Match E – Winner A vs Winner B
  • Match F – Winner C vs Winner D

Upper Bracket – Final – 1700

  • Match G – Winner E vs Winner F

Lower Bracket – Round 1 – 1430

  • Match H – Loser A vs Loser B
  • Match I – Loser C vs Loser D

Lower Bracket – Round 2 – 1600

  • Match J – Winner H vs Loser F
  • Match K – Winner I vs Loser E

Lower Bracket – Round 3 – 1730

  • Match L – Winner J vs Winner K

Lower Bracket – Final- 1900 – BO3

  • Match M – Winner L vs Loser G

Sunday, 20th of October – Final – 1400 AEST – BO5

  • Match N – Winner G vs Winner M – 1 match advantage for winner G



For more information, please visit here.