Season two of AMD Premier League brought to light

first published on June 14, 2013 by admin

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AMD, in partnership with DotaTalk, proudly bring you the second season of the AMD Premier League.



The second season of the AMD Premier League, dubbed as “the fans’ choice”, will be an invite-only tournament featuring Asia’s finest teams. It will be composed of two stages, as opposed to the three stages of the previous season.

  • Regional Qualifiers – this will be an eight-team bubble tournament. The seeding of the invited teams will be based on the fan votes accumulated during the designated period. There will be a total of eight different regional qualifiers, and the winner of each qualifier will advance into the main event.  For easier understanding, please refer to the following illustration:


  • Main Event – Eight Asian teams will join the eight qualified teams on the main event. The invited teams and the exact format for this stage will be disclosed on a future time. This is scheduled 17-26 July.


The prize of the second season is identical to that of the first one. The Champion will receive 3,000 USD, the runner-up will get 1,500 USD and the second-runner up will get 500 USD.

For better overview of the schedule, please refer to the following:



Of course, DotaTalk will provide extensive coverage for the event. The temporary list of casters are:

  • English – DotaTalk
  • English – BeyondTheSummit2
  • English – JustDota
  • English – AFK Gaming
  • Vietnamese – DotaTalk VN
  • Vietnamese – Dota2VN
  • Thai – TGPL
  • Filipino  – RGNPH
  • Chinese –




The first season of the AMD Premier League was won by TongFu after they defeated Zenith 3-0 on the Grand Finals.

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