SEA League Qualifier #1 Schedule Released

first published on January 24, 2013 by Xero

The schedule for the first qualifier of the SEA League is released,  featuring 8 teams from the South East Asian region.

8 teams from South East Asia will face off on the 26th and 27th of January 2013 in a double elimination bracket to stand a chance in the SEA League tournament! The confirmed teams for the first qualifiers are :

  • sg First Departure
  • my Typhon
  • myanmar NeoEs.G7
  • th Neolution.Academy
  • ph Gangster
  • ph Ledion Dreamz
  • ph Mafia
  • ph Fullfilt

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The schedule will be as followed

26th January –

Winners Bracket 1st Round

Match A: First Departure vs Fullfilt (Bo1) 7PM
Match B: Neolution Academy vs Gangster (Bo1) 7PM
Match C: Typhon vs Mafia (Bo1) 8PM
Match D: NeoES|G7 vs Ledion Dreamz (Bo1) 8PM

Winners Bracket Semi Final

Match E: WMA vs WMB (Bo1) 9PM
Match F: WMC vs WMD (Bo1) 9PM

Winners Bracket Final

Match G: WME vs WMF (Bo3) 10PM

27th January –

Losers Bracket 1st Round

Match J: LMA vs LMB (Bo1) 4PM
Match K: LMC vs LMD (Bo1) 4PM

Losers Bracket 2nd Round

Match L: WMJ vs LMF (Bo1) 5PM
Match M: WMK vs LME (Bo1) 5PM

Losers Bracket Semi Final

Match N: WML vs WMK (Bo1) 6PM

Losers Bracket Final

Match O: WMN vs LMG (Bo3) 7PM

Grand Finals

Match H: WMG vs WMO (Bo5) 10PM

The top 2 teams in this qualifier will get a chance to play with 12 other invited teams and 2 other qualified teams from the second qualifiers for a chance at bringing home U$D 1,500. As the top teams in South East Asia clash, who will you stand with? For updates and scoops, you can follow DotaTalk and SEA League on Facebook.