rOtk removed from active roster

first published on August 22, 2013 by Xero

The hints of BurNing training offlane heroes in public matches has finally revealed that rOtk is to be removed from DK

DK at The International 3, photo by Valve

Fan ‘rOtk’ Bai, China’s most reknowned LAN player due to his outbursts of emotions in LAN games as well as former off-laner for Team DK, whose departure from the team was rumoured from BurNing playing offlane heroes has now been confirmed.

Fan ‘rOtk‘ Bai, the oldest player in DK next to Zhi Lei ‘BurNing‘ Xu has been pushed into a corner – the organization will remove him from DK’s active roster, but his contract with DK still stands. Teams that want to recruit rOtk will now have to pay a transfer fee to the organization in order to be able to free rOtk from his contract.

There is nothing rOtk can do himself to free himself from the contract, but he has expressed his disappointment in the organizations decision in a now-deleted status on Weibo.

“Let the tears flow a bit more. Take care. For my next stop, I will still give everything! TI4, my fate is in my own hands.”

English translation on Dotaland.