Roster changes breathe new Life into Mouz

first published on October 17, 2013 by Xero

As the heavily punned title suggest, mousesports signs 4 of Team Life’s players, completing their all-Danish lineup

Formerly known as Lion’s Pride (now defunct), Team Life has their ups and downs in their Dota 2 run. With 2 pairs of brothers, Life took home the Netolic Pro League #3 (West) title as well as coming up second in the SteelSeries Euro Cup. Their achievements and skills have gained the acknowledgement of mousesports, which led to the German organisation signing 3 of their members and another of FlipSid3.Quantic, Christopher ‘Ryze‘ Winther into their ranks.

Marcus ‘Ace’ Hoelgaard, Sylvester ‘Link‘ Hoelgaard, Andreas ‘Cr1t‘ Nielsen and Christopher ‘Ryze‘ Winther will join Troels ‘SydereN‘ Nielsen to form the all new Danish squad, and will be playing under the mouz tag in the SteelSeries Euro Cup, Dota 2 Champions League and EMS as well.

Statement from Cr1t

“I’m very pleased to finally be able to say, that Link and Ace, aswell as Ryze and me, have joined syndereN under the mousesports banner. For Ace and me this will be our first signing, and I’m very happy that it’s with such a well known and successful brand. Thanks to Hestejoe and NoiA for the time we’ve had together in team Life, it was well spent and also thanks to our sponsors BenQ, GeIL, XMG, Razer & Thortech for the great support!”

Mousesports roster

  • Marcus ‘Ace‘ Hoelgaard
  • Andreas ‘Cr1t‘ Franck Nielsen
  • Sylvester ‘Link‘ Hoelgaard
  • Christopher ‘Ryze‘ Winther
  • Troels ‘SyndereN‘ Nielsen

Source : mousesports