Return of a Legend : 13abyKnight Joining MyM

first published on July 30, 2014 by J'Deep

After a long retirement of 3 years from the competitive Dota scene Jon “13abyKnight” Anderse has announced his return to competitive Dota. He will be returning to professional dota with MyMsquad with whom he has dominated for an era.


Jon “13abyKnight” Anderse was a part of the legendary team, MeetYourMakers, that finished third at ESWC 2010 and kept consistent hold of the top spot in the Dota-League SIG system. He is a familiar face to fans from the days of Warcraft 3 Dota. Latter on he decided to pursue his eSports carrier on Starcraft 2 with Na`Vi.

The announcement came only a few days after 2 ex-members of the team, Jonathan “Unicornxoxo” Arge and Andreas “Cr1t” Franck announced their departure. The organization has also announced that process of making a fresh squad will continue over the course of following next few week.

Source : joinDOTA