Rest of GMPGL due this weekend

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Three out of eight qualifeirs for the Gigabyte E-Sports Tournament (GEST) Dota 2 – April had already ended. The second half of the qualifiers will be due this weekend.




GEST April had already begin with its qualifiers. It is the third leg of the season, and the first half of the second quarter (as DotaTV tickets are distributed) of the GEST tournament. The main event of GEST April will be held this 24-27 April 2013.




To determine the participants of GEST, eight different national/regional GMPGL qualifiers are held monthly. So far, four of those qualifiers are already finished.

Philippines: ph Dreamz.Ledion.Steelseries, ph TnC Gaming, ph Mineski.Razer. ph MSIEvoGT.TnC – The Philippine GMPGL, hosted by Mineski, was won by Dreamz. Dreamz had been on a hot streak since last month. TnC, on other hand, finished an improved second place. Last month’s first and third place in Mineski and MSI were demoted to third and fourth respectively.

Singapore: sg NeoES.Int, sg First Departure –The absence of Zenith didn’t cause any lack of talent on this qualifiers, but the old faces once again return for our GEST. and First Departure take the Singapore slots, besting over teams like last month’s participang SUN and the impressive dm2 (AprilFoolsDay).

Indonesia: Indonesia Joenet PNM, Indonesia Veyterons – Joenet was just flat out dominating, winning their third straight GMPGL tournament. The surprising thing is the runner-up, Veyterons, won over one of Indonesia’s best team in TLeR. Last month’s runner up, ULTImate, apparently didn’t show up despite enlisting.



gest qualifiers


The rest of the GMPGL qualifiers will be held weekend, as the GMPGL regional tournaments for Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, RestofSEA and the all other Non-SEA teams will all be running on 20-21 April An allocation of 32/64 slots will be given for each qualifier, depending on the number of teams registered. Registrations for all 5 country/regions are already open and will close on 19 April. Further information for your respective country/region’s GMPGL can be found at:


Prizes vary for different country/regions. There is no cash prize for the winner of the Non-SEA GMPGL.


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The top team(s) from each qualifier will automatically qualify for GEST Dota 2 March, which will be held from the 25-28 April, 2013. The top team from GEST Dota 2 April will qualify for GEST : The Challenge.

Currently, these teams are qualified for GEST April:

  • ph Dreamz.Ledion.Steelseries
  • ph TnC Gaming
  • ph Mineski.Razer
  • ph MSIEvoGT.TnC
  • sg NeoES.Int
  • sg First Departure
  • Indonesia Joenet PNM
  • Indonesia Veyterons
  • vn VN1
  • vn VN2
  • th TH1
  • th TH2
  • my MY1
  • my MY2
  • Rest-of-SEA1
  • Non-SEA1




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