r1sk: "Anything is possible with the right draft "

first published on March 26, 2013 by admin

GosuGamers had an interview with Chain Stack’s captain David ‘r1sk’ Arnous. Read on as he talks about how his team came to be, their G-1 League experience and other team issues.

r1sk with Inv-N9 at The Asia, photo by GosuGamers


After the disbandment of N9, you have moved on to be a part of this team called Chains Stack. How did this team come to be?

Most of my former teammates didn’t want to continue anymore so I just started spamming pubs. I added many people to friends and some added me during this period. After a while I met Chains who were actually asked to join N9 after ‘The Asia’. He wasn’t able to play due to time contraints with his army obligations. I pubbed alot with Chains and his group asked me to play a Gosucup with them. We didn’t do all that well because we were a team of like 4 farmers. I then decided to make my team, choosing players that I pubbed a lot with and I ended up with the four we have currently.

We also noticed that the team members in Chains Stack are from different nationalities. Have you lost faith in creating a team within Oceania?

Apart from my friends Alex (blackshatan) and Darcy (Godot), I do not believe there is any player that has the skill, dedication and attitude to compete at such a high level. This may change in the future and I certainly hope it does. Although Australian server is a great thing for our casual Dota players, I believe ultimately, they may hinder development of up and coming talent since Australian teams will not be exposing themselves to the strategies and teamplay of strong Asian teams.

Do you think you guys would be able to pull it off against other more stable Chinese teams like LGD.cn and Invictus Gaming?

Anything is possible with the right draft I guess. All I know is that even with the right draft our play would have to be close to flawless to beat such giants. We will always go into any game with a winning mentality.


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Source: GosuGamers