Post Ti4 Interview with Julz: TI5 100% 1 or 2 teams are from Philippines.

first published on May 22, 2014 by Dominic

Dotatalk managed to catch Julius “Julz’ Deleon for an exclusive interview regarding his opinion on The International 4 SEA Qualifiers


The Interview

Hi Julz . How are you?

I’m fine. Really busy with the team practice :)

As a pinoy, what is your feeling seeing there is no Philippines teams qualified to the Ti4?

As a pinoy, I’m really sad because there are no Philippines teams in TI4. Maybe in TI5 100% 1 or 2 teams are from Philippines.

What can you say about the performance of your previous sponsored team Execration in the Ti4 qualifier?

Hmm about the performance of team Execration, I think that the main problem was the team draft.

Do you think Korean teams will overtake SEA team in the future? MVP have shown that Korean team able to do it in a very short time

Korean teams are strong but there are still many other strong teams in SEA too. So 50-50

There a lots of fans commenting “No Julz No Win” do you mind to share why and when this tagline started?

Hahaha “No Julz No Win” ? They are trolling you know. There are many filipino haters and maybe I’m not in Mineski team

Many SEA fans still wondering why you and Jhoven being replaced in the Mineski team. Do you mind to share it with all the fans? Considering Mineski was a top 2 team in SEA last year, its quite surprise both of you leaving the team.

I left team Mineski because sometimes I’m late for practice & etc. My skill play is good though. Maybe our teammate from Mineski misunderstood about our play style. Jhoven is a good player also but he always feed in mid. That was the reason why Jhoven sit out temporarily.

Zephyr prior to the TI4 Qualifiers ais the strongest team from Korea. In your opinion why their performance drop a lot compare to MVP?

MVP is stronger than Zephyr. When i played in mineski before, we practice with MVP every night and MVP was very serious in every practice games.

Before we end this interview, anything you want to say to Pinoy haters and to the people who been calling you a scammers?

To all pinoy haters, you don’t know the story of every player in Philippines. So please shut your mouth and play your own. I’m not a scammer.

Any shoutout to your friends and fans?

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks my past manager, Kenchi Yap and Ronald Robins, my current manager, CNS and to all my friends in Ledion.