Orange whole once again, Sharky, WinteR and YamateH to join

first published on October 17, 2013 by Xero

After losing their International 3 2nd runner-up squad to Titans, Neolution.Orange moves on and signs 4 of Invasion.MUFC’s players as well as welcoming back an old friend

Orange 3.0, image by Wykrhm Reddy

After losing their former squad to Titan, many doubt Neolution.Orange will bounce back with a squad that can rival the South East Asian giants. However, Orange proves many wrong by bringing together some of the best players in the region. Neolution.Orange will sign Litt-Binn ‘WinteR‘ Chan, Daniel ‘TFG‘ Wong, Raymond ‘Sharky‘ Wong, Woi Cheong ‘Ling‘ Sim and last but not least, Wei Poong ‘YamateH‘ Ng. The former 4 were playing under the tag of MUFC prior to the signing, with WinteR and YamateH returning to home turf.

With more than 20 years in total of competitive Dota under their belt, Orange 3.0 hopes to fill in the huge shoes of the former squad. This also means that MUFC has disbanded their Dota 2 team, with Chee Chai ‘Ice‘ Chua joining Titan and Hor Siew ‘FzFz‘ Cheng seen playing with his former teammates under the name of Invasion.

Neolution.Orange 3.0 roster

  • Wei Poong ‘YamateH‘ Ng (Captain)
  • Litt-Binn ‘WinteR‘ Chan
  • Woi Cheong ‘Ling‘ Sim
  • Daniel ‘TFG‘ Wong
  • Raymond ‘Sharky‘ Wong

Source : Orange.Esports Dota