Orange Takes Down MUFC 2-0

first published on September 25, 2012 by Xero


Game 2:

Orange : YamateH – Batrider (Mid)
Ice – Tidehunter (Top)
XTincT – Keeper of the Light (Jungle)
ky.xy – Morphling (Bottom)
W|nter – Rubick (Bottom)

MUFC : ling – Chen (Jungle)
Ken – Sand King (Bottom)
Sharky – Lone Druid (Top)
Net – Shadow Shaman (Top)
Ohaiyo – Templar Assassin (Mid)

Despite a 14 minute Radiance by Sharky, Orange E-Sports showed their mettle by winning 2-0 against MUFC. Ky.xy, standing in for Mushi who is on tour in the Phillipines, did not disappoint Orange fans, building up impressive farm in a short time and devastated MUFC completely.

GG was called 30 minutes into the game, having Orange E-Sports taking the prize of USD1500. Replays can be found at

The newly reshuffled MUFC lacks the teamwork and coordination which Orange has in abundance, owing to the recent additions of Ohaiyo and Kent to the team. In time, MUFC might climb back to its former glory, but till then, Orange continues to dominate the Dota scene in Malaysia. Well played MUFC, but better luck next time.