Orange SEA Challenge Continue this Friday.

first published on February 19, 2014 by Dominic

orange challenge 2

Orange Esports Road to TI4 continue this Friday as they had challenged Mith Trust for a Best of 3 matches. The 1st challenge didn’t go so well for Orange as they lost to Arrow Gaming by 2-0. Orange Esports is looking forward to prove themselves once again this Friday at 2200 SGT against the 3rd placing of ACG 2013, Mith Trust

Orange SEA Challenge to Mineski has been rejected as Mineski refused to take on the challenge. The exact reason is still unknown but we are suggesting the upcoming Netolic Pro League 5 Qualifiers and AOC Pro Cup commitments might be the reason.

Orange Esports post at Facebook

We will be playing against MiTH.Trust at 10pm this Friday in the second round of Orange Esports SEA Challenge! 
It’s a best-of-3 series where the winner will get US$300. 

Live Stream: 

Scythe have declined our invitation due to real life commitment while Titan said that their schedule is already packed. 
First Departure will be replacing Scythe as the representative from Singapore. 
Mineski has also pulled out from the challenge. 

Schedule against First Depature is still being discussed..

Stay tune for the show at our Dotatalktv cast by Lily Collins