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Mushi a.k.a God-M

Good day and hello, there ! Chai ‘Mushi’ Yee Fung a.k.a M-God is known as one of the best carry and gankers around the world. His signature heroes are Puck, Akasha, Troll Warlord, Lanaya & Ursa warrior. As a professional gamer, he is also humble, cute, funny, hillarious, friendly and hardworking. His success in the DotA scene is mainly because of his overwhelmed passion towards the game. Our dear M-God always put up a good fight and did not fail to dissapoint. Mushi forged his name into the history of DotA with his introduction of Lanaya & Ursa Warrior into the competitive scene, thus affecting global drafting strategies and game play. Here, the Orange management decides to approach the legend for an exclusive interview. Mushi humbly takes us down his memory lane. Spare some time to know what M-God has to say ! Here we go :

How is the condition of Orange Academy ? Ohaiyo and shenGG is seen playing for Invasion-Red.

M : Orange Academy has been disbanded. The former players were Ohaiyo, bunbun, shenGG, Shizuma and xiaobai. They are all potential players, just need more experience. But cos 2 of their players are from Penang and they need to train together on LAN, so they choose to join team Invasion. All Invasion players are from KL, so it makes things easier for them to practice together. Hope they can get good result and make Malaysia proud.


How did you come up with the name “ Mushi “ ?

M : Last time my nick is Mushi.Lushi ~ After I get a sponsor, I cant put such long name anymore, therefore I shorten it to Mushi. But why I used Mushi.Lushi before, I really cant recall that.

You have been playing dota for 6 years. How do you involve yourself in DotA ?

M : Before I start playing dota, I was a basketball player, just hanging out at the internet café and paly some online games, some warcraft fun maps. Then, one day, my this friend found out this dota map. We tried it out together. It was very fun. Slowly, all of our friends play it together. My first hero was TMS, and the funny thing is…I just keep on farming , and then die. But I do not have gold at all. My friend keep asking me why I have no gold. I said I don’t know. When I die again, he look at my PC, saw me clicking the buy out hero. Actually, I don’t know the hero will respawn. Everytime I die, I will find where to make myself respawn. Haha…

During your times in Cybertime , you shot up to fame in a short time. You get famous across your country. How did you start competitive dota?

M : Actually, in my hometown, there is no competitive dota at all. Not much people playing Dota, my hometown is really a ‘kampung’. One day, our internet shop organized a tournament. All the top teams in Malaysia joined this competition including Cybertime,Mkvl, Kingsurf… I saw them farm very fast, placed nice position, and battle with full of teamwork. That time, Kingsurf won the tournament. So, I kept on telling myself that one day in the future, I want to beat Kingsurf. On that moment onwards, I start to join all tournaments . That time, we don’t have sponsors, we just pay with our own money. Even we lose, we keep learning and enjoy every tournament. Net is with me.

You made a major playstyle change in the DotA scene, nationally and internationall with your Lanaya and Ursa pick. How do you bring these heroes into competitive DotA ?

M : I found out this 2 hero in pub game. Some pub player use these 2 hero and pawn me. So, that time i started to think about item builds and playstyles, then I try to bring them into competitive scene. In cybertime, before i use this 2 hero, our team line up is Seanz,Monkey,Winter,Net and me. I remember that I told my leader Shawn to choose this 2 hero for me, because he is the team leader and drafter that time, but he rejected it because he wanted our team to play a stable draft. After Seanz retired , we changed our line up to Xtinct, Xigz, Sharky, Me and Net. Then, I did the same, I told xtinct the same thing again. He gave me to try in our tournament match in ADC….and that is how Lanaya and Ursa was came out of their holes…haha

Tell us your most memorable and disappointing tournament and game ?

M : My most disappointing tournament was 2010 ACG in Singapore, that was my first time representing Malaysia playing in an international Lan competition. In the  finals, we lost to Starboba, and after losing the competition, I hide behind and cry alone…hahaha… That was the first tournament i cried for because we really trained very hardcore, even we set a rules which is if we lose lose 1 game, everyone has to pay Rm5 to our manager. Even when we fight LGD or other top teams, we do not want to lose. I feel that we put so much effort ,and the last game I was very scared and nervous. I scare we will lose. Then because of my nervousness, I did a lot of msistakes. The game we lost is mainly because of my mistakes. This is i most disappointing match that I won’t forget in my life. For the most memorable match, it was the 2010 ESTC Finals, in May 2010 if I’m mistaken. I did a surgery on my lungs. After the surgery, doctor said I cannot board the plane for 6 months. That’s how I missed ESWC Paris. However, Sharky replaced me. So, i only able to play Malaysia Lan tournaments and online competitions. When ESTC is coming, I still couldn’t fly to overseas, so I went to the hospital for check up again, sadly the doctor said i haven’t recover yet. If I insist to go, I will have to bear the consequences myself. But I know our team have a very big chance of winning. So,  I chosed to go. The moment I reached Thailand, I went to Thailand hospital straight away. In Thailand ,I am suffering from difficulties in my breathing everyday and every minute,it was very difficult for me. I can feel the pain in my lungs. In the finals, we met EHOME. They won alot of tournaments in China. But we still got the confident to win them. So, we just try our best to play against them. In the end we won the tournament.I’m really happy that time. Despite all my health conditions and difficulties, I will not forget this event in my life, my most memorable event in my Dota life.

Throughout these years, you visited many countries, among those countries that you have visited, which country that you like the most and if possible, to visit that country again?

M : I visited so many countries, but each time after our tournament, we don’t have extra time to walk around. Honestly, I hope that we can go back to ESWC in 2012 and I wanna meet Navi again, because in 2011 ESWC , I made a really big misstake. That time we thought ESWC is in dota 1, but they suddenly changed it to dota 2. Too bad we already bought the air tickets. So we had no choice, and we don’t like dota 2 at that time. All of us only played around 10++ matches in dota 2, and then we need to play in that tournament.When we versus Navi, after the drafting ends, they shouted “ Kill Mushi “ non stop and loudly. Haha… I really felt so sorry that I wasted our sponsor’s money. So, I promised myself. I want to get good results in every tournament, no matter dota 1 or dota 2. As for holidays, I wish to go to Dubai and Maldives.

Rumours circulating around says that you learn your solo skill from Singapore. Can you clarify on this?

M : My personal skills, I learnt it from every top player. I always see them playing, analysis and thinking. My dota knowledge is from the replays I watched, but mostly is from my own thinking, because everyone and every team have their own mistakes. But, I always try to think something else, how to make it perfect. Basically, its just using your brain and think, so can we can learn faster.

So, in between Dota1 and Dota2,  which one you prefer more? What do you think is the most important element in this game?

M : Hmm, Dota 1 and Dota 2… When I get used to to dota 2, I feel dota 1 is so boring. But now I won’t anymore because I’m a professional dota player. So, wether it is dota 1 or dota 2 , I will also play it to the maximum and enjoy it. Most importantly, Dota is created by IceFrog. I hope that I can meet him in real life. Because of him, because of DOTA, my life has changed. Now, most of the pro players prefer dota 2. So, if there is not dota1 tournaments happening, I will play dota 2 pub game, because it is easier to find match. To me, Dota itself, have a lot of  play style. It varies from time to time, version to version. It depends on your team’s preference and playstyle. For example, Cybertime’s playstyle is gank, and last year’s Orange playstyle is farm, whereas now is push. Therefore, every team have their own style.

Let’s move on to your personal life. Which player, commentator and manager do you idolize and respect so much?

M : None for player, Tobi and GoDz are both great and awesome commentators. For manager, it is always our manager, Kenchi.

Which team do you wish to play against ? Why?

M : Navi ! Because in 2011 ESCW , they shouted for me, and raped me in that game too. Haha.

So, is there any players that you are afraid of?

M : No, I’m not scared of anyone. I will make my opponent scared of me.

Which players do you think is very smart ?

M : Yamateh !

Malaysia’s God-M & God-Y

Whoa ! I do not expect this from you, but why?

M : Haha, because something that he is thinking, not everyone can think of it. Maybe other top players also can do that, I’m not sure. But maybe also because Ymt is my teammate, and I know him well, so I think he is a very smart player.

Which hero do you think it’s the most difficult to play?

M : MICRO HERO!! Hahaha… you know.. Chen, meepo, visage… Haha.. *laughs*

Hmm, which dota portal you surf the most?

M : When I browse for news or replays, I will open all of them together. No particular.

Now, name me your favourite hero, item, food, drink, and song.

M : Techies, Blink dagger, My family’s cooking, milk, and Jay chou’s  “Doomsday”(shi jie wei mo re)

Tell us your experience on being a coach.

M : Challenging, boring, and tired.

As a coach, comment on your teammates.

M : I treat all of my teammates as good friends. As a coach, as a leader, I have to lead them to be a professional dota player and keep on moving forward to the top and represent our sponsor well. Actually, all of us does behave badly sometimes, being playful, not serious in the game or screw up with our playstyles, but we are one team. We won’t blame on each other so much, we spend most of our times together, so, not much comments. Whatever it is, we are a team ! If I would’ve complain on them, it means that I’m having problems too. Haha, see? For the good, they are all very good friends and players.


How about your boss, Mr.Frank? Is he fierce, or strict?

M : Orange Boss is not fierce, he is the one of the many bosses that I ever met, he is the best. He really really taught me a lot, he even willing to sacrifice his time to accompany us to tournaments and take care of us. Even he is our boss, but we still chat and communicate like best friends. He is very humble. And I remember well,  at India, the organizers were not experienced, so our director offered his help to assist them in the tournament flow. We went with 2 teams, namely Orange.CoD4 and Orange.DotA. I can say that Mr.Frank is really very tired before, during and after the tournament, but he din’t blame anyone nor anything…The only thing he did was to put on a smile and keep things going on. I wish one day I could be like him.

Mushi, after touring so many countries, after giving many workshops across states in Malaysia, after going to Thailand for the huge talk, what can you say about Malaysia Dota now, how do you compare with all the other countries?

M : lol. Before that, we missed our dota talk in Thailand, because exam is around the corner. Neolution changed the date for us,but after that we don’t have much time to go again because our schedule is really fulled.I sincerely apologize to Thai Esports and Neolution. I hope one day we can go back to Thailand and give the talk. In Malaysia, I am very lucky, before I become famous, all the top teams will attend the tournaments. Yeah! I always lose to them. But at least I learn something from them. That’s why now we have Mushi. Haha. But for the last few years, Malaysia Dota tournaments keep on banning pro teams, so no new star can prove himself already. I’m sad about this. And for PH dota,  they are really doing good, why? Because they have Mineski, oraganizers and everything . About Thailand, I think they are doing good too, they have 2 big eSport organizations there, Neolution and Mith.Trust. Lastly, for China, they are full of flamers, haha. But its okay, with these flamers, only there’s fans and crowds. People like to see “dramas” by them. In China, anything related to dota is a job. If you are not a dota player, you still can earn alot money, like becoming analysts or commentator. Anyway, I hope someday SEA DotA will do even a better job !

Sportmanship handshake

Posing with mski.wootz

Any new player that you see has the potential to be like you ?

M : Hmm~ a lot ! And , they can be better than me. I hope they can be more hardworking and put more effort, then chase me like a police car. Of course, I won’t stop at there, I will keep running, keep learning and maintain my skills to be one of the top players in the scene.

Mushi in Paris during ESWC

Does your family actually support you in your current career?

M : Back then, I wasn’t famous yet. They felt that whatever I do is ridiculous. My family does not support what I do, they always scold me, nag me and advise me. But, I insist to chase my dream. Now, they are supporting me to play Dota, because they see me playing the game like having a job. They will always surf the net to read our news, and this is how they always know wether I win or lose a tournament.

What will you do if there is no more dota in the world?

M : I don’t know, but of course I will do other things.

Assume that we are living in a “dota world” like the “digimon world”. Which hero would you like to have as your monster guardian?

M : This is hard to answer..I think i’ll choose Storm, because he is very cute, and if it gets rich, he can fly anywhere and keep making fun infront of us~

Storm Spirit

What will you feed him then?

M : I will not feed him , I wan to beat him ! haha.

Any advise to all players outside there? Any wise words?

M : To all dota players out there !!! NEVER GIVE UP !!

Lastly, is there anything personal or impersonal that you want to tell your fans or the dota community, or anyone special out there? Voice it out!

M : First, I want to thank all my fans who are supporting me all this while. Without you guys, I won’t be playing until now. Second, I want to thank all my China friends. When I’m in China, you all toke good care of me. I really appreciate that all. I miss you all so much ! Third, I want to sincerely thank my family, they always support me and help me become stronger.  Fourth, I want to take this opportunity to thanks to everyone who taught me a lot of things before, especially Kenchi. Fifth, I would want to thank our sponsors, from the past, current and future sponsors. Cybertime, Nirvana.My, CCM, ASUS, Razer, Orange and so on, THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! Without you all , maybe I’m still playing pub games now in the cyber café. My dream is becoming true, I really hope that you all can read my English well. Thanks for this interview, thanks for reading my thoughts, my heart, my feeling, and my opinions. Thank you , Orange Esports, DotA and everyone else! I’m sorry again for my poor English but I will keep on learning from my mistakes ! I really enjoyed this interview, thanks guys !!

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