Obutto R3volution Gaming Desk Review by MasterRamen

first published on April 20, 2014 by Dominic



I first heard of Obutto when i was actively playing Sim Car Racing game. In fact, I was in the Malaysian Sim Racer’s Club. We spent 2-3 hours per week playing the racing game. It was hell lot of fun. At that time, it is a dream for every sim car racer to own a gaming cockpit like the one shown on the image above! Well, right now, I really do feel very happy because I finally  can fulfill my dream!

Let’s get started with the review of the gaming cockpit.

As you can see from the boxes below, they are pretty big and heavy. I was lucky when the delivery guys agreed to carry the Obutto R3volution boxes into my house.


 The long box contains the seat and the big square box holds all the accessories like screws and etc.

What’s inside the boxes? Below are the details:

  • Base R3volution cockpit frame
  • Single monitor mount
  • Racing seat and seat frame
  • Cup holder
  • Side throttle/shifter mount
  • Keyboard mount and tray
  • Foot/pedal tray
  • Steering wheel / yoke mounting tray
  • Triple monitor arms
  • Acrylic table tops and mounting arms
  • Center flight stick mount

Before i open the boxes, I did some research and watched a lot of assemble videos. I was surprised by the amount of times taken and steps needed to assemble the Obutto R3volution cockpit set. This is really not a big deal to me actually. As a gamer, there’s nothing that can stop my passion to see this beast in full action!

Lets start with the long box first. This box contain the seat and few accessories as u can see below.


 Obutto Seat and Triple Mount Accessories

The easiest part of assembly for the Obutto R3volution is the seat. It’s very easy as it functions like your car seat. The materials make the seat feel comfy and it has the elegant look of a racing seat. It looks so nice that even my kids are so eager to sit on it. You can actually feel like being in a real sports car with a slight tilt at the headrest for comfort. The seat fully reclines and is adjustable on the sliders. To be honest, it is way nicer than my Toyota Vios’s car seat. The comfort it brings will help me a lot since the normal office chair that I’m using now will make my backache and neck sore after playing only a few hours of Dota. I’d definitely recommend the seat to anyone who’s looking to play Dota2 or any games for long hours.


The view of the seat from the front


The rear view of the seat. 

Now, the seat is in position and i moved my attention to the big box. The weight is around 19kg so i figure the frame must be really solid and heavy too. Most of the frame and accessories can be found inside this box. You can see the inside view of the box as below:


 View inside the big box

 That a lots of boxes! Each boxes have been numbered which have something to do with the manual. So i slowly take out all the boxes and start arranging them according to their numbers. There are lots of plastic air foams inside the boxes which serve as a good cushion to reduce damage or impact during the shipping. Obutto really takes care of the materials inside the boxes to make sure the items are delivered at its original condition to their customers.


 Photo 1 of the unboxing the Obutto R3volution


Photo 2 of the unboxing for the Obutto R3volution


Photo 3 of the unboxing the Obutto R3volution


Photo 4 of the unboxing the Obutto R3volution


Photo 5 of the unboxing the Obutto R3volution

It was fun unboxing the Obutto R3volution. Lots of boxes, lots of screws and nuts, lots of frames and lots of polystyrene foam. Luckily i have my wife helping me to assemble the set. My advise to anyone who bought this, please find your friends to help. It will be twice the fun, twice the excitement and half the energy used. Special thanks to Obutto. My kids found their new playground!


My kids enjoying their new toys

Before you start assembling the R3volution cockpit, i highly recommend you to watch the video and take note on how to do it. There are many steps that are specially  important when you want to assemble the main frame. Please visit here for the assembly guides. I won’t go into details on how to assemble it. If you have very tender skin, please wear rubber gloves as there are many heavy solid supports and sharp edges that you need to move around and play with. The fun begins!!

Lets start with the main frame of the Obutto R3volution. This should be the toughest part of all parts. Well at least for me. I rarely do home repairs. So screw, nuts, frames, holes, bolt and whatever you call it will be something really new to me. To be honest, i’m pretty noob with it. Haha.


Done unwrapping the frames


The main frame of the R3volution cockpit. Pretty heavy.


Finished assemble the main frame


Attaching the seat frame to the main frame


Seat attached to the Obutto R3volution main frame

So, we are done with the main frame! Toughest thing to do is getting the right screw screwed to the right place. Once you get it right, everything is just as easy as last hitting in Dota 2.  Up to this stage, we only opened 40% of the boxes. Obutto R3volution cockpit comes with lots of cool accessories which makes it not just suitable for racing games, but for games like Dota 2 or it can even serve as a workstation for avid gamers. There’s a cup placeholder, keyboard tray, paddle tray, Acrylic table tops and many more.

So lets start assembling the rest of the accessories. The others parts are easy to do. As usual, we are playing with nuts and screws again. Haha.
*TIPS, you can arrange the screws by sizes so it will be less messy.


The keyboard tray


The monitor stand main frame


The cup placeholder.

Wew! Now we are almost done. I don’t have 3 monitors yet so i will just keep the triple mount accessories in the box for now. There are also the Acrylic table tops left in the box. It looks really nice and I will probably assemble it together with my 3 monitors soon. So, next, I attached the keyboard tray and monitor to the set and its all done! So how does it look like? Well, my wife was so excited to try it out and she really likes it. But before that, lets say goodbye to the old conventional office chair. Goodbye to you!



Now i’m moving on with my new Obutto R3volution cockpit! I can Dota 2 even more with this. Less stress on the back and on my legs! Hope with this i can increase my Dota 2 game play. haha. Comfort is always the key to success!


Photo 1 of the Obutto R3volution


Photo 2 of the Obutto R3volution


Photo 3 of the Obutto R3volution


Photo 4 of the Obutto R3volution


Photo 5 of the Obutto R3volution


Photo 6 of the Obutto R3volution

The Feel

I play Dota 2 almost everyday. Apart from that, I am also handling Dotatalk administration and Arrow Gaming e-Sports team management. Its requires me to sit and stay infront of the PC for more than 8 hours per day. My back and legs are always aching as my current chair is just not good enough for my height and weight. I’m a big man! and heavy also. Haha.


Me with my team Arrow Gaming. I’m the guy in the Orange shirt

So you can imagine the stress i get when dotaing and managing tournaments as well. Obutto R3volution cockpit is like a dream workstation for me. Is it really worth spending your money on this? For me, it’s 100000% worth it. I can tell you that this workstation can last very long. The frames are very solid and heavy. Once you touch it you will get the idea! It’s really that solid. For a big man like me, i always have to be extra careful when i sitting on a chair. hahaha. But i have no fear to sit on this gaming cockpit now. It’s really comfort and also the angle of the seat and monitor is just nice and ideal for the eyes. The keyboard tray’s height is adjustable to suit your height. Without any delay, i tried to play 1 Dota 2 game with it. Not saying it will increase your skills, but it will definitely give you more comfort and make your body feels relaxed when playing Dota.


Well maybe luck maybe not! haha

Visit Obutto for more information


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