Na`Vi Star Series Season 3 Champion

first published on October 21, 2012 by admin

After a long 3 days, the Grand Final of SLTV Star Series finally got underway at Cyber Sport Arena in Kiev, Ukraine. The match between the defending champions, ua Natus Vincere, go head-to-head with an impressive challengers for the title, ru Empire, in a best-of-five contest. With ua Natus Vincere coming from the Winner’s Bracket, they will have one game advantage going their way.


Game 1, ua Natus Vincere leads 1-0 (coming from Winner’s Bracket)

In the 1st game, both teams take risks to include Dark Seer, Disruptor and Lycanthrope for Na`Vi and Team Empire taking both newly buffed Jakiro and Batrider in their picks. Na`Vi open game one with 2-0 kill over Empire’s Batrider and Jakiro at bottom lane just before the creeps come out and as early phase of the game is concerned, both team exchange towers and kills back and forth without giving the enemies any advantages. Funn1k from Team Empire showing his excellent skills on Batrider and Silent‘s good timing on Jakiro‘s Ice Path  giving Na`Vi too much to handle. As time goes, Team Empire are slowly taking ahead in the lead and with their dominance of map control and timely good teamfights, Team Empire takes game one.

Game 2, ua Natus Vincere 1-1

As game two goes,Empire take their signature hero Clinkz for Funn1k, Undying and Templar Assassin without hesitation whereas Na`Vi took Batrider solo mid, Keeper of the Light and Earthshaker to support Chaos Knight in tri-lane versus tri-lane against Undying, Leshrac and Disruptor combination. Both teams play very safe which each kills does a big impact to both teams. Na`Vi successfully control the tri-lane which was planned by Empire making them having the upper hand in the early game. By the time Clinkz get his Orchid Malevolence, Na`Vi have three out of five players having Ghost Scepter making a hard time for Clinkz to take a solo kill off any supporters. Empire slowly drop bit by bit and found themselves unable to jump back on equal footing after dropping few kills and three Roshan to the enemy, Na`Vi. They called ‘GG’ in the 50th minutes and giving Na`Vi the lead again.

Game 3, ua Natus Vincere leading 2-1

In game three, which Na`Vi only needed to win, Na’Vi once again secured Batrider, this time used by LightOfHeaven, Puppey’s signature Chen, and yes Dendi’s most fearful hero, Pudge. Empire’s response included all three fast farming heroes Nature’s Prophet, Bounty Hunter, and newly buffed Doom Bringer. Both teams stepped it up this time around after a dull second game, as Na’Vi  dived towers for kill, and quickly pushing down Empire’s outer towers with help of Chen’s pushing ability. Confidence outburst for Na`Vi, Dendi playing a typically phenomenal Pudge take down Empire’s hero hook after hook after hook. Na’Vi quickly take down both middle and bottom melee and ranged barracks making too much for Empire to re-control the game back, it was only a matter of time until Na`Vi take down the top lane. In the end, after few team fights and finally with mega creeps slowly taking down their base, Empire finally called in during the 31st minute, and Na’Vi walks away as the Star Series Season III champion.


Final Standings

1st – ua Natus Vincere – $6000
2nd – ru Empire – $3000
3rd – eu The GD B Team – $2500
4th – se PULSE – $2000
5th – 7th – ru Moscow Five – $500
5th – 7th – ru Virtus.Pro – $500
5th – 7th – eu Meet Your Makers – $500