Natus Vincere vs Neolution.Orange: TI3 LB Round 6A

first published on August 12, 2013 by Snow&Cubix


The first of the two series on the final day of The International 3’s main event is the lower bracket finals, a match between Natus Vincere and Neolution.Orange.

This is the Upper bracket finals, with the winner ensuring themselves USD 624,000. Both teams advanced via three-game series yesterday, with Na`Vi defeating TongFu and Alliance downing DK.

ua Na`Vi vs  my NeoES.Orange

Game 1 – Na’Vi made sure to ban out the Visage, and then started with three of their most picked heroes on their first three picks – Dark Seer, Lifestealer and Rubick. They rounded the team with a heroes which can synergize on a big combo – Twin-Headed Dragon and Shadow Fiend. Orange, on the other hand, was able to get their Nature’s Prophet and Queen of Pain.   naorg1draft   Mushi’s Queen of Pain was magnificent on the early game, outlast-hitting Shadow Fiend. Probably one of the reason is because SF’s ward was successfully dewarded before the creeps spawn – making him very cautious of rotations from Orange’s support heroes. Both hard lane heroes were on the neutral creeps, with Furion slightly more active in denying runes. Shadow Fiend did get ganked, dying to Queen of Pain with the help of Nyx and Naga. To make matters worse, the whole of the Ukranians rotated yet failed to secure a kill. Orange was able to do that because they have already taken the top tower at minute two, giving them freedom on their movement on the top lane. As Nyx gets level six, Orange continued to pressure the middle lane and killed Dendi yet again – who opted for a Blink dagger as opposed to an arguably better item in a Black King Bar. On the ensuing team fight, Orange won a 4-3 trade with a middle tier-one tower, with Funn1k getting the third kill for his team to somehow minimize his team’s losses. On the 22nd minute, Shadow Fiend died again on a gank on the top lane, but Na’Vi was able to pull off a slight version of their combo – which instantly killed three heroes off the Malaysian team. The Ukranians are apparently starting to crawl back, winning yet another fight behind KuroKy’s big plays and is killing Roshan as well. The biggest play though, perhaps, is Mushi’s exceptional timing to steal the Aegis off Na`Vi.   aegissnatch   Orange proceeded to kill two heroes after that. To add insult to injury, Nature’s Prophet secured a third  kill after a rotation on the top lane – slaying the just-ported Shadow Fiend and showing off his newly-built Scythe of Vyse. It was another 2-0 trade for Orange on the top lane before taking the top barracks, and then securing a couple of other skirmishes to destroy the bottom melee barracks. The Malaysians patiently waited for Roshan to spawn, and then decided to push. The Urkanians had a minor victory after defending and winning a 2-1 tradeoff, but Orange was able to assert their lead before the 40th-minute mark. Na`Vi called GG, but not before funn1k’s illusions scored a double kill against two of Orange’s core heroes. naorg1end

ua Na`Vi 0-1  my NeoES.Orange


Game 2 – Na’Vi is going with two of their most picked heroes in Lifetealer and Puck. Meanwhile, its an Alchemist carry for Orange with a rather new middle laner for them, KyXy’s Tidehunter.


Na`vi ran an offensive trilane, leaving Lifestealer to solo at the bottom lane against Nature’s Prophet. The Ukranians had a big start, scoring three kills on the top lane behind magnificent plays from KuroKy’s Naga Siren. All of the first three kills went in the way of the support, Crystal Maiden.

The teams exchanged kills, but it was Na’Vi taking a big one on the top lane after Puck brought with him an infested farmed Lifestealer. It pushed Na’Vi’s lead, and they also were able to deny their bottom tier one tower. They kept on the momentum, catching a few more kills as they aggressively chased Orange up to the tier-three tower. They were already ten kills ahead 15 minutes into the game, including a 7,500 gold lead and 10,000 experience lead.

Orange can’t get anything going for them. With five heroes together and a Fiend’s Grip on the Lifestealer, they still weren’t able to secure the kill. Na’Vi comfortably took the bottom tier-two tower and then Roshan after. Nature’s Prophet is very diligent in trying to trade towers, as it as as much as his team can do. With the very significant deficit and the strong team fight of Na`Vi, the Malaysians are just trying to let their Alchemist farm up.

After a pick-off on the Atropos, Na`Vi forced down the middle but unfortunately had their tower denied. Without the tier-three tower though, it was very easy for the Ukranians to further assert their lead. Orange called GG in under 25 minutes as Na`Vi just plowed through them. It was redemption for Dendi, who had a bad game on the first match. He accumulated a score of nine kills and seven assists on this game, against 0 death.


ua Na`Vi 1-1 my NeoES.Orange

Game 3 –  Na`Vi went with the exact same first two picks – Lifestealer and Puck. They however switched their lanes, placing Puck on the bottom lane instead. Orange is playing one of their classical line-ups – a mid Outworld Destroyer, and an offensive trilane with a Windrunner carry.


With the help of the rotating support heroes of Orange, Windrunner was able to comfortable control the bottom lane. The supports also rotated well, catching the first blood againt Nyx Assassin. Enigma spared his team of a kill by denying himself via Roshan, but Orange got their second kill nonetheless as they applied Sentry ward on the hard lane. Orange continued that to take the top tier one tower.

A big encounter on the 11th minute saw Orange’s lead bubble up, stringing kills one after another – including Puck dying right after buying back and porting in. By the 13th minute, Outworld Destroyer is ahead by around three times the net worth of Puck. And while they were on different lanes, it shows how much Orange is ahead at the moment.

The Malaysians continue their impressive team play, getting kills all over the map. Outworld Destroyet continues his free farm, while the rest of his team keep on killing whoever rotates into the top lane. Lifestealer overextended on his push at the bottom lane, and he was forced to infest on the enemy creep. Na`Vi was able to sneak in though, winning the trade before overextending yet again. OD finishes his Scyhe of Vyse at the 21st minute.

The Malaysians went for the Roshan, but everyone went low because no one is able to tank the damage. Na`Vi was able to pull of a surprise attack, killing OD before the latter can get to do anything. They were able to win a 3-1 trade with a few of them being track kills, and even managed to get Roshan. Orange bounced right back though, winning a 4-1 trade on the top lane after their Dark Seer bought back and the OD dropping a Sanity eclipse which instantly killed three.

Orange tried to initiate on the bottom lane with a smoke gank, but apparently dived in too far. They lost two heroes, before finishing up and actually killing three. Thirthy minutes into the game, Orange is ahead by two towers, 13 kills, 5,000 gold and 7,500 experience. Na`Vi knows they have to make something happen, but they got caught once more because of the better vision of Orange. Orange took Roshan after, but they denied the aegis, assumed to be an accident.




A big fight broke out on the 41st minute, with Na’Vi getting spectacular initiation behind a good blink in by Puck and a nice Black Hole. Nyx also secured it, stunning two support heroes at the back. After that skirmish, Na`Vi found themselves on top of a 4-0 trade and they moved into the middle tier-two tower. Just as they were able to finish the tower, Orange went with a triple buy back yet they were not able go get any kill.

Another team clash happened at the 44th minute, with Orange trying to pick off the Lifestealer. XBOCT showed off his reflexes, being able to activate the Abbysal Blade to turn the tides on their favor.  It turned to be a 4-0 trade in favor of Na’Vi, which converted into two lanes of barracks for the Ukranians.

Orange didn’t give up, fishing out Puck not long after. They had a sneaky plan on the middle lane, smoked on the tree line near the Roshan pit to try catch Na’Vi out. They were spotted though, and instead got initiated upon – and got wiped again. They called GG, and ended up finishing third place. The third place is good enough for USD 291,000, tying the highest finish ever of a Southeast Asian team. Singaporean team Aeon.SG also finished third on the very first The International. Meanwhile, Na’Vi finds themselves on the finals for the third day in a row.



ua Na`Vi 2-1 my NeoES.Orange

Prizes (at least):

  • Champion: USD 1,402,000~
  • 2nd Place: USD 624,000~
  • 3rd Place: my NeoES.Orange USD 291,000~
  • 4th Place: cnTongFu – USD 208,000~
  • 5th/6th: cn Invictus Gaming – USD 124,000~
  • 5th/6th: cn DK – USD 124,000~
  • 7th/8th: us Team Liquid – USD 43,000~
  • 7th/8th:    Fnatic.EU – USD 43,000~

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