MSI Battle of Pride - Playoffs

first published on September 1, 2016 by jami

UPDATE: We are now moving into the playoffs of MSI Battle of Pride. Over the past few weeks, we have seen many upsets and surprises. There were initially 5 Filipino teams, now we have Execration left in the main event against teams from the rest of SEA. The winner of this tournament will walk away with 1,500USD cash prize.


The latest updated bracket is as below:

FinalBracket-rev1 (003)

Upcoming schedules:

1/9/2016 Thursday Execration Trust 6:00 PM SGT BO3
01/09/2016 Thursday Winner Taring 9:00 PM SGT BO3
02/09/2016 Friday Winner RRQ  6:00 PM  SGT BO3
04/09/2016 Sunday Winner WarriorsGaming.Unity  6:00 PM  SGT BO3

Info about MSI’s notebook promotions: