More DOTA 2 Beta Keys Giveaway

first published on April 7, 2012 by StupidmirC


For those of you who have missed our previous event, now this is another chance for you to win yourself the most wanted Dota 2 Beta Keys. This time around, the competition revolves around applying one’s creativity and imagination to produce what we call Arts. You think you are up for the challenge? Well, read on then.

Simply said, what you have to do is to create for us a banner or a logo for our website , We already have an existing logo but what we lack now is a beautifully-crafted logo/banner to go with our modest website.  The banner or logo has to be based on your most original idea and creation. Any form of plagiarism will be disqualified. Below are the guidelines for the banner design:

DOTA Talk banner design guidelines:
-Logo has to be 600px by 600px in size
-Banner will have to be 480px by 150px in size
-Has to have the words “DOTA Talk” in it
-Does not need to have anything to do with Dota 2

*38px = 1.005416667cm

Bonus points:
-Matches the color scheme of our website

There will be two beta keys from us, one will be given to the best logo the other the best looking banner.
The deadline for this competition is 2 weeks from now.

Work completed can be submitted to with your graphic design and username on the website. You may send a max of 3 designs per banner/logo.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen with your wit and start drawing already! Crack your brain now (not literally though) to come up with the most exciting and creative design ever so that YOU can be the proud owner of the highly wished for Dota 2 Beta Keys! Have fun designing and Good luck everyone! I will be awaiting for the good news. :)