MadMortigan is back

first published on September 17, 2012 by admin


After two years out of the scene, one of the first casters in competitive DotA is back on track. GosuGamers recorded an extensive interview in order to introduce you with an old DotA player and caster


Welcome back MadMortigan, could you introduce yourself to the community?

“To those that don’t know me, HI, my name is Mark and I HAVE JUST met you, and I LOVE YOU. I’m an old man that’s played Dota for fun for a very long time, with Taku, because I love him too. I love watching the games, and for a period of time I used to stream said game watching. For those of you that tuned in I like to think we had a lot of fun, perhaps we’ll have some more in the future.”

When did you start playing Dota 2 and how do you feel it has shaped up so far and in comparison to Dota, the standalone map ?

“I played a little bit of Dota 2 on a poopy computer last winter. I still haven’t been able to really sink my teeth into it like I want to, but my overall impression is that Valve and Icefrog have done a pretty good job of extracting all the qualities that made dota so great out of a rusty Volkswagen and into a Ferrari, with a half naked supermodel in the passenger seat. Absolutely awesome.”

“What really gets my juices flowing is how far the community has come, and with casting especially. Seeing Tobi, Synderen, and Blitz doing so well really tickles my insides in a good way. Even the guys I didn’t have the pleasure of working with like Lumi and LD, Draskyll, along with all the international internet jockeys are pushing the competitive scenes exposure and community involvement to places I had only dreamed of. The future is bright needless to say, and while it may have been a short and small role, its fun to think that I may have helped start that snowball rolling. “

Did you follow the International 2, What were your thoughts on the event as a whole ? What is your most memorable moment and why?
If there is something that Valve can do, that would, in any way, be of further help to a commentator, what would it be?

“Oh my lord. I convinced 3 of my co-workers to come to my place where I hooked my 42 inch up in the living room and we watched that shit all weekend like it was the super bowl. When NAVI picked the Jugg, Enigma, Enchantress, and Rhasta in game 2 against IG in the semifinals I was going ballistic. Taku had actually talked to me about that mass heal push strat with Jugg quite some time ago and I couldn’t believe NAVI were doing it. OH MY GOD when that first wombo combo (thx LD and Lumi) blew up in IG’s face i was going absolutely ape shit at the genius of Puppey. Also I loved when him and LoH had shit eating grins on their face after the Naga/DS picks, I immediately thought about that star wars general saying “its a trap”.

“As far as Valve, Icefrog, and Dota 2. Nothing, literally nothing it was beautiful. I loved the setup, the panel, and I loved how they got all the casters that really deserved to be there involved instead of letting anyone hog the spotlight (another reason I liked the panel, although I would have liked to see something more of a pro gamer presence inside of it). “

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