LGD.cn waltz over Orange eSports

first published on December 6, 2012 by admin

LGD.CN proceeds to Loser’s Bracket finals


After a disappointing start in yesterday’s match against MUFC, LGD.cn stepped up their game and passed through Orange eSports to continue on their run to win the prize money of U$D1,500.


In Game 1, LGD.cn goes all aggressive during the early stage of the game – as usual, with Yao playing in tri-lane instead. LGD.CN starts the game strong, picking off Rubick for the first blood and Luna not long after, putting them ahead with a slight advantage in gold difference over Orange eSports. Having Night Stalker and Prophet in Orange‘s line-up allow them to set up kills during the first night and at the 10th minute mark, the score was  11-8 in favour of Orange. Both teams do not give their opponents space to breath as kills are exchanged all over the map. It was all about Orange after the 14th minute mark as LGD.cn‘s failed attempt to gank Orange and leading them to team wipes. After 2 team wipes and successfully breaking through the top lane, LGD.cn calls “GG” in the 23rd minute, giving Game 1 to Orange.


Game 1



It looked like Orange was looking forward to seal LGD.cn‘s fate as they play flawlessly throughout the early game without dropping a single death. During the 14th min in game, after a well planned team fight from LGD.cn, Orange was pushed against the wall and most of Orange‘s team fight went downhill afterwards. It was all eyes on Sylar’s crazy farming Faceless Void, being too much for Orange to handle. Orange call ‘GG’ after a final clash in front of their barracks on top lane during the 38th minute.


Game 2


In Game 3, with Lone Druid and Shadow Fiend banned, Orange looks towards Anti-Mage to carry the team against Sylar‘s Faceless Void. It was the perfect start for LGD.cn was looking for as they took down YamateH‘s Night Stalker not once not twice but thrice in the middle lane with the help from Leshrac of course. After few failed gank attempts by Orange, LGD.cn started to push towers while Orange is forced to turtle and give Anti-Mage time to get farmed up. LGD.cn caught Orange by surprise in the 48th minute, killing 3 of Orange‘s hero and decided to back door through the bottom lane and they succeeded in doing by taking both melee barracks from bottom and middle lane. Anti-Mage tried to pull back the game by getting Divine Rapier but it wasn’t enough to stop LGD.cn from pushing all three lanes. Ky.xY‘s crazy farming Anti-Mage is worth noting, farming 659 creeps under 52 minutes.


Game 3



LGD.cn will be facing MUFC for the loser’s bracket final in the best-of-three format and the winner of the loser’s bracket final will be facing LGD.int in the Grand Finals of GEST The Challenge. Will LGD.cn get demolished by MUFC again, or will LGD.CN take revenge on MUFC for putting them in the loser brackets?

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