LGD and IG Advanced to the Semi Finals of GEST Challenge. DK, Newbee, Arrow in Action tonight!

first published on June 19, 2014 by Dominic

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Yesterday, the first half of the GEST Challenge Quarter finals concluded with cnLGD, against all odds defeating cnVG 2-1 in breath taking matches. cnLGD took games 1 with a fast push strat and ended the game at 19:55. The fans were surprise as only 25% of the fans betted on cnLGD.

However, cnVG made a comebacks in game 2 with Naga Siren and Disruptor picked. cnLGD who rely on Morphling can’t withstand the late game carry Naga and extraordinary play of the Disruptor by FY.

Game 3 cnLGD opt again for a super fast push strat with Lycan & Pugna while cnVG drafted a late game lineup. Its turned out to be a disaster for cnVG as cnLGD only took 15 minutes to end the game and advance to the Semi Finals of GEST Challenge

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Tonight Schedules

9th Jun 2014 – BO3 – Timezone (SGT)

  • Match L – 1900 – myArrow vs cnDK
  • Match K – 2200 – cnNewbee vs cnDT.NGC

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