Inv.MUFC takes third place, Grand Finals coming right up

first published on May 15, 2013 by admin

Invasion.MUFC bounced back from being a game down to take the third place finish on the AMD Premier League. The Grand Finals will be coming right up!




cn Rising Star started the series smoking, taking the first game within 27 minutes of play.  The Axe pick of my Invasion.MUFC failed again, and they had simply no answers to the strong early pressure by the Chinese.





It was the Malaysians taking the second game to tie it all up, finishing it in equally convincing fashion. They needed just around 30 minutes to finish the game, and they completely took control of the game. The Chinese again picked Anti-Mage, but this time it wasn’t able to get the leverage it needed to go crazy on the late game. For the second time tonight, Enchantress was picked by the losing team.





The third game was a thriller. While RS stormed to a strong early game by taking down two towers on the bottom lane within the first four minutes, MUFC has channeled it with wonderfully played team fights and counter ganks. By the 30th minute, the time when the first two games have ended, the game was still near even on hero kills, experience and gold.

It took only one big pick-of, as the Malaysian squad suddenly snowballed into a big lead after taking down the Juggernaut at the mid lane. They carefully and systematically pushed, taking lane after lane until they were able to get the Mega Creeps at the 40-minute mark.





my Invasion.MUFC took the series 2-1, and taking home 500 USD.

sgZenith and  cn Tongfu will play on a best-of-5, with the winning earning 3000 USD and the loser receiving 1500 USD. DotaTalk asked around and these are what some few E-Sports personalities had to say about the match-up.



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