Interview with ZSMJ

first published on April 27, 2012 by StupidmirC


In an interview with ECAL, ZSMJ talks about Dota 2, China and his plans.

Dota 2 has recently gained a lot of traction in mainland China and a lot of players are keen to play, have you played Dota 2 yet?

I recently heard that this year’s International will be bigger and better so I got in contact with Icefrog to ask what was going on and got a few keys. Before this I hadn’t played any Dota 2 at all until a few days ago. Played a few games as AM and thankfully I had some really good teammates so we won most of our games.

ZSMJ still ever so polite attributing your victory to your teammates! Compared to DotA, what do you think are the biggest differences compared to Dota 2?

I feel like the animations in Dota 2 isn’t as smooth as DotA. For example, when I’m trying to last hit creeps it seems like there is a bit of delay. I’m not spiking or anything so I don’t know if it is a latency issue. Dota 2 definitely has better artwork and theme compared to DotA. Small things like simplification of the shop, death damage breakdown is definitely a step in the right direction!

I’m sure you’ve seen the announcement that Dota 2 will be free. Once the Chinese distributor is confirmed, do you see yourself playing a lot of Dota 2?

If it’s free, I’m sure it will be very popular in China, a lot of people will definitely have a try of the game. If I get the chance, I will definitely give it a shot.

The world wants to know if the great ZSMJ will be back to play professionally. If you don’t, will you be making FPV (First Person View) videos or streaming to show off your godlike skills?

Firstly I’m not godlike, I just practice a lot. I’m actually quite shy and not a very good speaker. So if I want to succeed in Dota 2, I have to play Dota 2 professionally to get the same success as a streamer. Plus, I’m getting a bit old haha.

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