Interview with Orange Mushi

first published on May 24, 2012 by StupidmirC


We all know that Orange Esports¬†have already achieved a lot of success since they ventured into e-Sports, especially in DotA scene. Behind this team‚Äôs success is a man who has proven his worth in different stages across the world. He is an example, a leader, a mentor and a good friend as well. Lets all get to know more about Chai Yee ‘Mushi‘¬†Fung. Yes, it is Orange.Mushi¬†who has been performing consistently on the highest level of Dota gaming for quite a while.

Name: Chai Yee Fung
Nickname: Mushi-
Date of Birth: November 27, 1990
Country/State: Malaysia
Game(s) Played Competitively: DotA 1 and DotA 2
Year when gamer started competitive/pro gaming: 6 years
Favorite Gaming Hardware: Razer, MSI
Major Tournaments Won/Ranked In:


– Electronic Sports Thailand Championship (ESTC)1st-runner up (Thailand)
– Asia Dota championship(ADC) 1st-Runner up (Online)
– CAPL 1st-Runner up (Singapore)


– Asia Cyber Games 1st-Runner up (Singapore)
– (Invited)-Nvdia 1st-Runner up (China)
– Electronic Sports Thailand Championship (ESTC) Champion (Thailand)
– Asia Dota championship(ADC) 1st-Runner up (Online)
– Razer global challenge-4th


– TGX Arena Regional DotA Tournament 2011 1st-runner up (Singapore)
– MGT DotA Tournament 2011 1st-runner up (Malaysia)
– Electronic Sports Thailand Championship (ESTC) Champion (Thailand)
– KLCC DotA 2 Invitational Champion (Malaysia)
– Invite Hold Cup 4th (Online)


– Razer DotA 2 Invatation 1st-runner up (singapore)

RGN: Why did you choose to use Mushi as your in-game name?

Mushi: Easy to remember and nice to call it.

Mushi – Orange Esports Leader

RGN: Except Orange e-Sports, do you have any other teams?

Mushi: Previous teams: Anc/Ucpro/Cybertime/Nirvana/Ccm/MUFC


RGN: What is your first hero in DotA?

Mushi: Leshrac the Tormented Soul. My first game was really hilarious. I was not aware that I needed to pay to buyback to revive immediately. So,every time I died, I kept on clicking the revive button. Then my friend looked at my monitor and asked why I did not have any other items. Then I said I had had no ideas. Afterwards, when I died again, he looked into my PC one more time and clearly understood what happened.


RGN: Who taught you how to play the game?

Mushi: No one taught me. I just love playing and watching how the game goes on.


RGN: Amongst all the online and LAN games, why did you choose DotA?

Mushi: Because I like team game. We laugh together, shout together in the game and also, this game is very challenging. I learn a lot from this game.


RGN: What other online / LAN games are you playing?

Mushi: League of Legend and Perfect World.


RGN: What is your role in the team?

Mushi:¬†I can play in any role. It depends on which matches I play. I also command them what to do. When I don‚Äôt give command, they will listen to Winter and Xtinct’s comand.

Mushi with team Orange at the Singapore Razer DotA 2 2012 Tournament

Mushi with team Orange at the Singapore Razer DotA 2 2012 Tournament


RGN: What / Who inspires you the most?

Mushi: Kenchi, because he gave me the chance to show to all that I could be a good player in DotA.


RGN: Except DotA, what are your hobbies?

Mushi: Sometimes I play Basketball, Snooker / Pool, watch movies and hangout with my friends.


RGN: What’s your favorite movie?

Mushi: Ghost Protocol


RGN: What can you say about the PH gamers gaming style?

Mushi: Still not a professional gaming style. It’s not about the skill, but other things. Even PH teams can win against China. But I still think that only China has professional teams.


RGN: Why did you say that PH teams are not that professional?

Mushi: When it comes to skills, yes, they are professional, but when it comes to attitude and respect, they are lacking of professionalism. But I hope someday they will be like China.


RGN: One week here in the PH, what lesson did you learn?

Mushi: We learn the importance of teamwork: Lose together, draft together, win together, so that we can be a better team any time.


RGN: Do you have any plans on coming back here in the future?

Mushi:¬†Yes, definitely. I hope to be going back to the Philippines someday. I love the fans, all of them are friendly. Also the whole ‘Mineski‚Äô staff, they are very accommodating and hospitable.


RGN: Any shoutout?

Mushi: Always thanks to our sponsor, and all the fans, we cannot do all of this without you by our side. Thanks for reading this article. I promise that I will bring more exciting games to everyone.


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