GMPGL Finalist for Singapore, Non Sea and Rest of Sea Live streaming tonight!

first published on August 22, 2013 by Slipely

First bloods have been taken, prefect execution of strategies achieved and now it all comes down to the finals of the GMPGL August Edition. With a roster of teams likeSINGAPORE FLAGTeam Impervious, MYANMAR FLAGNeolution. G7 and INDIAN FLAGOblique Gaming it is set to be a match full of surprises



Singapore Finals:

In the upper bracket we have SINGAPORE FLAGTeam Impervious by taking a 2-0 win over SINGAPORE FLAGBurNingYourSoul set their place in the finals where they will be going up against SINGAPORE FLAGTeam Xplicit Transcendence for the Crown. In the lower bracketSINGAPORE FLAG BurNingYourSoul to battle SINGAPORE FLAGTeam No Confidence to face each other for 3rd place prize.

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Rest of Sea Finals:

For the Rest of Sea Finals MYANMAR FLAGNeolution.G7 are to take on  BRUNEI FLAGTeam Revival who in their last game were able to get a massive 2-0 win over Crew, will the team from brunei just blow the competition out of the water or will MYANMAR FLAGNeolution.G7 give them a run for their money. With the lower bracket teams MYANMAR FLAGGO Esports Myanmar and MYANMAR FLAGCrew to stare down each other as the winner will claim the 3rd place in the Rest of Sea finals.

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Non Sea Finals:

The match up for the Non Sea finals is not going to be an easy win for neither team, as both INDIAN FLAGObliqueGaming and AUSTRIALIAN FLAGSYFGaming were able to both win their previous match in a 2-0 blowout. It seems that it will ultimately come down to a battle of wills between India and Australia. In the lower brackets it is almost the same story except that this is for the 3rd place win, with  INDIAN FLAGTeam No One Against’ to win over their Australian opponents AUSTRIALIAN FLAGPanda Logic.

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Matches for all 3 divisions of the GMPGL are set to be an event not to be missed, we wish all teams the best of luck.

If you would like to watch the matches, you may do so via the live streams provided by Dotatalk and Vox Angels.

Streams for matches:


Vox Angels

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