GIGABYTE Premier League NON SEA Qualifier Day 1

first published on November 22, 2013 by Dominic



Standard tournament rules are apply

Only open for NON SEA Teams such as Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, China and any others countries that not in the other qualifiers for this tournament. This is Online tournament

Server: Singapore

Teams Limit: No Limit


Match ticker can be view here on the right panel


Saturday, 23rd of November (SGT)

  • 1300 – 1400 Check In period
  • 1400-1430 Bracket preparation
  • 1430 Round 1 – BO1
  • 1600 Round 2 – BO1
  • 1730 Round 3 – BO1

Sunday, 24th November (SGT)

  • 1730 Semi Finals
  • 2000 Final – BO3

Above schedule is tentative. Final schedule will be updated once the registration close.

Lobby Setup

  • Server: Singapore
  • Radiant: Upper team in the bracket
  • First Pick: Random
  • Spectator: Enable
  • Version: Tournament
  • Mode: Captain Mode

How to check in?

How to contact opponent?

  • During match day there will be a match ticker for each match.  Match ticker will be available at 1430 sgt. Before that please wait.
  • Visit the match page of your team and contact your opponent via comment. Matches can be found at the right panel in the tournament page
  • Match ticker will be available in the tournament page on the right panel
  • For the next round please wait for admin to create your match page before proceeding with the next match

How to report result?

  • Go to and upload the screenshot of the end game scoreboard
  • Click here and fill in the match results form. REPORT YOUR TEAM WIN HERE
  • Admin will check and update the results based on the proof.
  • Team who late more than 15 minutes will forfeit their match.
  • To report dispute between teams please fill in this form.   LINK TO DISPUTE/LATE REPORT
  • To communicate with admin for others issue and support please send message to this facebook account. Live chat support provided during the tournament. All chat will go to others inbox. Admin will continue checking for question during the tournament period.