GEST Dota 2 Tournament!

first published on September 13, 2012 by admin

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Good Day you DotaTalk fanatics, I have some fantastic news for you.

Today we are announcing the Gigabyte E-Sports Tournament in proud association with yours truly, DotaTalk. We are having a range of Qualifiers to summon the best of the best of South East Asia. We are having a Rising Star Qualifiers first, which features 5 upcoming Semi-Professional teams that have been invited to all compete for one spot in the Main Event. The invited teams are as listed:

  • Gizmo
  • 1stVN
  • Flash.Esports
  • Xplicit
  • SpaceMonkey
  • Pacific.eMaxx

We will then have Qualifiers for the following regions:

Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Phillipines and Indonesia. Each region will have a maximum of 32 teams that will compete in a Single-Elimination style tournament to fight for a spot in the Main event. The champion of each qualifier will go through to face the Invitees and other qualified teams. The Invitees will join the qualified teams in a Group stage, as well as a Single-Elimination Bracket form.

The Invitees include:

  • Ideal.Gigabyte
  • IZone.Gigabyte
  • N9(Ex aL)
  • Mineski
  • Orange.Esports
  • MuFc
  • 1v5
  • Mith.Trust
  • Armaggeddon
  • Duskbin

The Tournament is regarded as the biggest SEA Tournament hosted by DotaTalk, so grab your team mates and enter the qualifiers to battle it out for the $1500 Prizepool!

Champion: $1000
1st runner-up: $500

Then, the champion and the 1st runner-up winners will get to compete with LGD and iG for another cold, hard cash of $1500.

Overview: More information
Registration: Registration form


  • All the teams are only allowed to play 1 regional qualifier. Teams caught playing more than 1 will instantly get DQ. (Teams invited and lost in Rising Stars qualifier are allowed to play 1 regional Q)
  • 15 minutes late start allowance given. (after that, disqualified from the tournament)
  • Using Players from another team participating in the tournament will not be tolerated, and teams caught doing this will be given a deflost.

*Teams from Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam & Myammar can participate in Thailand Qualifier
*Teams from New Zealand can join Indonesia qualifier