G1 Championship League Western Qualifiers

first published on March 29, 2013 by admin

As reported earlier, the G1 Championship League’s 5th season will have EU/NA and Asian qualifiers. The general details for the EU/NA qualifiers is already finally disclosed.



After switching to Dota 2 last year, the G1 Champions League is returning again this year. They, however, are reportedly offering a more extensive qualifier and a bigger prize pool. This year’s Champion will reportedly be receiving more than 40,000 USD, which is about 40% more than last year’s purse.

As opposed to the Asian qualifiers, the western tournament will be purely invite-only. This means that the tournament will only have two phases

  • Phase 1 – Eight invited teams will be playing on a single-elimination Bo3 match, with the winners of their respective match jumping directly into Phase 2. The eight invited teams for this stage are:


  1.  Evil Geniuses
  2.  Virtus.Pro
  3.  Empire
  4.  Dignitas
  5. Europe Qpad Red Pandas
  6. Europe Kaipi
  7.  Absolute Legends
  8. de Mousesports


Phase 1 Schedule: 14-15 April



  • Phase 2 -The top four teams of that tournament will then compete with the four invited teams for this stage on a double-elimination B03 format. The top two teams on this phase will advance into the LAN finals to be held later this year. The four invited teams for this stage are:
  1.  Na’Vi
  2.  No TideHunter
  3. Europe Fnatic.EU
  4.  Team Liquid


 Phase 2 Schedule: 16-17, 23-26 April


Asia’s G-1 League qualifiers has three phases, where the 12 invited teams were seeded directly into Phase two. The first phase is a 32-team open qualifier. The top four teams after the third phase advances into the LAN finals.


Last year’s G-League had also had online qualifiers, where teams like us Evil Geniuses, ph Mineski Infinity, ph Flash E-Sports and my Orange E-Sports were able to join. Out of the non-Chinese teams, only Orange was able to make it to the offline finals held at Fuzhou, China.

my LGD.Cn ended up winning the title on that fourth season, and my DK finished as the runner-up.