Furryfish To Swim With Flash

first published on December 31, 2012 by Xero

Well known female Dota celebrity Furryfish joins ranks with Flash eSports


Tammy “Furryfish” Tang, leader of all-girl Dota team PMS | Asterisk*, former Razer eSports Team Manager and Zenith Manager will be officially joining Flash eSports  as their full-time Business Manager starting from January 2013.

I’ve always wanted to start a professional eSports organisation based in Singapore, to give the talent here some much needed support and guidance. Whilst the gamers in Singapore have the skill to succeed, they need to inject some professionalism to be taken seriously. 
Working for Flash eSports, a professional eSports organisation, gives me this chance to make a difference in the local gaming scene, to nurture talent and prove that eSports is a viable career option.

– Tammy ‘Furryfish’ Tang, Business Manager

“I’m delighted to welcome Tammy/Furryfish to Flash eSports.

Tammy has been around the scene for as long as I can remember, and after talking to her we realized our interests and goals in eSports were well-aligned. 

Out of everyone in the Singaporean community, I’ve wanted to work with her for awhile now as I feel that she could be the right person to take Flash eSports beyond our country’s borders, and establish ourselves as a team with legitimate pro-gaming status in Singapore. 

Our goal has always been stability and I think we’ve achieved that in 2012, what with our consistent podium finishes and sponsorship [with Cooler Master]. The ultimate aim? We want to be up there with the likes of the industry’s best, whilst staying true to our philosophy of nurturing local talent. 

This year overall has been an amazing one for Flash, and the outlook for next year looks significantly better with Tammy now playing a key role in our team’s future development in all areas.”

– Terence ‘SoloZ’ Ting, Founder

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Source : Flash