First wave of Chinese Dota 2 servers coming this 28th of April

first published on April 20, 2013 by admin

The first batch of Chinese Dota 2 servers are reportedly coming this 28th of April. Giving that statement is Perfect World’s CEO, Robert Hong Xiao, on their ongoing event.


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This news came around a month before the championship stages of the G-1 Champions League, and should be just on time for the upcoming Perfect World tournament. Perfect World is one of China’s leading game distributor.

According to GosuGamers, the new version will be a “smaller version of Steam and made mostly for Dota 2”. This is somewhat of a walk around the slow Steam updates on that country.

This simplified version of Steam is supposedly still able to pair the Chinese with other regions. This will be a big help to the Dota 2 limitation on China, as well as the ping problems that they are experiencing.

It can be remembered that frequent disconnects happened on the previous finals of G-League, which was already played under a controlled ‘LAN’ setting.

Source: SGamer, Dotaland, GosuGamers