First day of GEST over, finalists secured

first published on March 5, 2013 by admin

The first day of  Gigabyte E-Sports Tournament (GEST) Dota 2 comes to an end, and we are down to the last two teams.




The 16 teams quickly dwindled to the last two, but not without a day of great action.

The Ro16 matches saw the expected victors claiming their win, arguably except for the match between ph MSIEvoGT.TnC and sg inBTWN. The Filipino team played with two stand-ins, and the Singaporean capitalized on the miscommunication and took the win.

The Ro8 matches which followed offered very good match-ups. The best match is the stand-off between the  my NeoES.Orange and my RisingStars. The Chinese team was apparently en route to a win via a strong global map presence, but impressive plays from Kyxy and Mushi slowly tipped the game to Orange’s favor. Indonesia NeoES.Ina also spoiled the MY-SG Semi-finals, which has been becoming a trend on SEA tournaments.


my NeoES.Orange vs.  Indonesia NeoES.Ina (Semifinals 1)

The first game saw Orange’s Kunkka against Neolution’s Luna. The Malaysian team raced to an early advantage due to good pulls and stacks by Chen. However, Orange lost a bit of their lead due to some sloppy and overconfident plays.

Orange got a teamwipe on the 16-minute mark after what seemed to be a very strong teamfight for Neolution. Net’s 4-position Leshrac got a triple kill that time, and he even managed to take down 13 out of his team’s 21 kills by the 21 minute mark. Neolution called GG at the 28 minute mark.

The second game saw Mushi playing a solo strong lane Necrolyte, laning against a Dark Seer.  Again, Orange was totally in control in the game but they did some sloppy and overconfident plays yet again. When Ohaiyo’s Lifestealer started joining teamfights though, Orange completely placed the game on their hands. The Indonesian team was never able to get a good Black Hole and Wall, and were forced to call GG at the 23 minute mark.

my ABC vs.  sg Harrosh (Semifinals 2)

ABC played with 2 stand-ins for GEST February 2013, Fz from Invasion.Gigabyte and Meracle from First Departure. Game 1 of this match-up started with an easy first blood to ABC as Fisher’s Dark Seer went over-aggresive and dived under ABC’s tier 1 tower, which led him being caught by ABC’s tri-lane. The game tipped further into ABC’s favor as a clash between two teams left only 1 of Harrosh’s hero standing. ABC secured a 10-kill streak and the Aegis of Immortal by the 20-minute mark.

ABC tried to breach high ground with the Aegis advantage but failed to do so, losing Fz’s Templar Assassin but claiming Gyrocopter as consolation. 6 minutes later, Templar Assassin and Sand King became over-confident against 4 heroes and died in the process. ABC resorted to wait for the second Aegis before forcing their way up on to the high ground. Bottom barracks went down in the 33rd minute, and a team wipe shortly after forces Harrosh to concede the first game.

Game 2 started well for Harrosh, denying Meracle’s Lifestealer free farm in the bottom lane, which led to a first blood given by Meracle. This continued until TFG’s Puck (arguably the man of the match) teleported to help out in the bottom lane, claiming 3 kills in the process.

Harrosh regained some footing when they took down 4 of ABC’s heroes when they were attempting to kill Roshan, claiming the Aegis for their own in the 25th minute. ABC then played it safe while waiting for Aegis to expire and letting Lifestealer farm in the process. In the 36th minute, a disaster in the form of a failed smoke gank led to Harrosh losing 4 more heroes, making it safe for ABC to claim mid and bottom barracks. ABC then falls back and takes Roshan at the 39th minute before forcing another team fight with Harrosh. Sensing the inevitable, Harrosh seals the deal with the GG call in the 41st minute.




Since only the top two teams will be rewarded, there will be no third-place decider match. The schedule for the Grand Finals is:

Wednesday, 6th of March:

  • 19:00 SGT – Finals (my NeoES.Orange vs. my ABC   (Bo5)


my Winter of team ABC confirmed that the team will still be playing with a stand-in tomorrow because Ling still can’t play. Fz from Invasion.Gigabyte will be joining the team. When asked for his thoughts regarding his thoughts about the match-up with Orange, this is what he said:

 ”Its good to be playing against Orange again, my mates turned rival this year. The feeling is similar to the MUFC vs. Nirvana back when I first formed MUFC, rivals with Mushi, Xtinct and Net – fun times”




Because of a guaranteed top 2 finish, these teams also secured their spot on GEST The Challenge, which is due two months from now.




There had been some troubles on the DotaTV ticket, thus most games on the first game of the GEST Main Tournament were played with spectators enabled. An update on the ticket will be made as soon as it is made available.

UPDATE: Tickets are now available on the Dota 2 store.

The tentative casters for tomorrow are:

  • BeyondTheSummit (LD and GoDz) – English Cast
  • DotaTalk (Myzzrym) – English Cast
  • RGNVN (Pewpew) – Vietnamese Cast
  • Dota2VN (Tsunami Mori) – Vietnamese Cast
  • Kent – Chinese Cast
  • TGPL – Thai Cast


Orange and ABC had faced each other on the recent Litany League and GMPGL Malaysia. ABC was able to snatch a win on their Winner’s bracket match, but Mushi wasn’t playing then. Orange won all other matches.




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