First cup of Techlabs 2013 to held this Saturday

first published on March 23, 2013 by admin

The first cup of Techlabs Russia 2013 is set to start and finish this Saturday, with the three invited teams and the qualified team all set to go.



The first cup of the Techlabs Cup Russia will be taking place this Saturday, 23 March. The invited teams  Natus Vincere, ru Virtus Pro, and ru Team Empire will be joining the qualified team  iCCup to compete on a double-elimination Bo1 tournament, with a Bo3 Grand Finals.

This first cup will be held at Russia, while three others to be held at Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are to follow later this year.

The winner will receive 5,000USD and an invitation to the Grand Finals. The first, second and third runner-up will receive 3000USD, 1500USD and 500USD respectively. The Grand Finals will be held later this year.


  • 07:15 CET: ru Virtus Pro vs  iCCup
  • 08:15 CET:   Natus Vincere vs ru Team Empire

All teams had experienced roster modifications recently, so it will be curious to see how well they can perform.

The Russian cast will be provided by VirtusPro TV1 and VeRsuta, while the English cast will be provided by TobiWanKenobi and Sheever.