First blood for Orange in Alienware Arena

first published on September 25, 2012 by Xero


Forces collide as Malaysian Dota powerhouses Orange E-Sports meets MUFC in the Alienware Arena Elite Dota 2 Malaysia-Singapore Playoffs. Orange plays without their main mastermind, Mushi; while MUFC plays with their new roster, with Ohaiyo and Kent replacing TFG and Silvercross.

Game 1 of the Best-of-3 round started at 8pm. The line-ups for both teams are :

Orange :

YamateH – Pandaren Brewmaster (Top)
Ice – Tidehunter (Bottom)
XTincT – Chen (Jungle)
ky.xy – Anti-Mage (Mid)
W|nter – Crystal Maiden (Mid)


ling – Tormented Soul (Bottom)
KenT – Chaos Knight (Mid)
Sharky – Enigma (Top)
Net – Ancient Apparation (Mid)
Ohaiyo – Storm Spirit (Bottom)

Both teams played their hearts out but with MUFC outpicked and some slight teamwork problems in the early game set the match for an Orange victory. Stay tuned for Game 2, coming up soon. Livestreams could be found at