Exclusive Interview with No 1 Solo Ranked MMR Arcanys Heinrich: Never blame because it makes the team spirit down and would lead to a bad teamplay.

first published on June 3, 2014 by Dominic


Heinrich is on the left of Mushi

Hi Heinrich. How are you?
Oh hello there master ramen. I’m happy

Congratulations! You are no 1 in SEA Solo Ranked MMR. How does it feel to be at top?
It feels very overwhelming and at the same time still unsatisfied because I know that ddz is still the real top 1 because he has 6.5k and I still have to chase it haha.

How many solo ranked match you played daily?

I think i played around 10 – 12 games everyday

How do you adjust your playstyle with 1++ latency from Philippines to the Singapore Server?

Actually its 2++. I have to adjust my timings like in last hitting for like 1 second in advance. It’s really hard because unlike the 5ms that I’ve tried in singapore. I can’t really do things like blinking out from phase shift, or dodging an incoming projectile because of the delay.

What is your opinion regarding the solo ranked MMR? How hard it was to solo ranked against 4 random people?

I think solo ranked MMR is the best training place. Because you willl experience situations like getting countered everytime. Hence, you will learn how to deal with it and apply what you have learned from it in tournaments. Playing solo ranked against 4 random people is really hard because I have to adjust to each individual’s attitude and playstyle.

Many fans being racist and hate towards a pinoy community. Does this motivate you to be on top?

Yeah it really does. Because it makes me feels more eager to prove them wrong.

What is your advice to all solo ranked mmr players? Any tips to them

Never blame because it makes the team spirit down and would lead to a bad teamplay.

Thanks for your time. Any shoutout to your friends and fans?

To my GF I LOVE YOU!! To my friends and fans especially to my arcanys family thank you for all the support and love i’m getting even at times when i’m down.