Ex-mTw Captain 'syndereN' in a tell-all interview!

first published on February 1, 2013 by solstice

In a recent interview with the Western Wolves, dk Troels ‘syndereN’ Nielsen, the ex-mTw captain tells them about the team morale, the factors that led to their disbandment, and mTw as an organisation.


Ex-mTw captain,  dk Troels ‘syndereN’ Nielsen goes in depth about the dissolution of mTw, the current players, and money. He currently is the captain of the team Europe Mortal Teamwork, choosing to not only stay together as a team, but to keep the teamname rather than to disband, even though they have no sponsers.

Some may say you didn’t start the year off on the right track. After all the recent events revolving around your persona, how are you feeling?

I’m fine. Things have indeed been a little messy, but I’m looking forward now. We’re staying together as a team and still having a good time. We’ll be practicing and hopefully the results will come in time.

Glad to hear that! 2012 was a hectic period of your life to say the least. After what can only be described as a rollercoaster ride, what would you rate as the highlight moment of 2012 and why?

I’d select three highlights: Winning DreamHack Summer, qualifying for TI2, and attending TI2. Playing in front of the DreamHack audience has been awesome both times (DHW 2011), and especially facing Na`Vi in the Grand Finals was an awesome experience. Qualifying for TI2 as underdogs was incredible as well–the feeling of having earned a slot to compete is something special. Everything about TI2 was amazing… Apart from the disappointment of our performance.

Now that the episode is far behind us, could you get us through the reasons behind the dissolution of  one of the year’s most successful line-ups? Referring to the MTW which won Dreamhack Summer and secured a post at the International late August.

Well, I still think there’s no need to mention any names. Quite simply, the team spirit was just falling apart. People lost truth in each other and their abilities, and the game play suffered from it. We couldn’t recover and step our game up during the event, so it turned out terribly.


Team mTw @ The Internationals 2012

Moving into a subject of actuality, and probably the most anticipated part by the readers, let’s talk about the recent Mortal Team Work tragedy. After 15 years of glory, one of the most reputable organisations in e-sports’ history sees such an abrupt end to its journey; you, of course, being a direct witness of the giant’s fall. Could you please give us a generic statement about this happening?

I don’t have any access to the details behind team management or anything – apparently, the organisation’s financial model wasn’t sustainable anymore, so they had to shut down. It’s a big shame to see one of the older names of e-sports exit after such a long time. Hopefully they’ll be back again sometime in the future.

Any other difficulties you’ve encountered from thereupon; how did the management justify the accumulation of their debt? Have you heard any news from the CEO regarding the payment?

mTw still owes me quite a bit of money… But technically, that’s from before DreamHack Winter 2012. I have tried to contact our contact in mTw multiple times over the last two months through texts, Skype messages, phone calls… To no avail.

How comfortable are you feeling with your resident line-up?

The most important thing when I built the team was knowing the people behind it, so that I could have faith in being able to sustain it without drama, internal issues, etc. I knew that this wouldn’t be a dream-team within a few weeks, but was rather focusing on putting together a team that could last in the long term. With practice and dedication from everyone, I think we can get there.

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Source: Western Wolves