DreamHack Summer Groups Revealed

first published on June 14, 2013 by solstice

DreamHack. The bi-annual event of gamers, by gamers, for gamers will consist of 4 groups of 3-4 teams each, making a total of 14 teams attending. 2 Slots will be up for grabs at the event itself, reserved for BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) teams. Held in Sweden, the likely fan favourites will be Team Alliance and 4FC – the home teams.


Taken at DreamHack.

Held twice a year in Jönköping Sweden, this event consists of: festivals, exhibitions, concerts along with gaming. Their most recent gathering, DreamHack Winter ’12 featured the former se No TideHunter (Alliance) and us Evil Geniuses in coming in first and second place respectively in the Dota 2 category.

Broken in 4 groups, they consist of a total of 14 invited teams; 4 teams in Group A and Group B, 3 teams in Group C and Group D each. Perhaps the unique selling point of the tournament, almost any amateur team can rise up the ranks and compete with the professionals.

Group A

  • de Mousesports

  • us Team Liquid

  • se 4 Friends+ Chrillee

  • dk Lions Pride

Perhaps the favourite of the group, de Mousesports have shown us why – through their 1st placing in The International 3 Western Qualifier. It seemed only like yesterday that they disbanded and went their separate ways. Lo and behold, they are back to revive their glory days. Things however do not always turn out as expected, and their offlane player  de Max ‘qojqva‘ Broecker will not be able to attend due to school exams. Replacing him will be ro Pittner ‘bOne7‘ Armand, Europe Kaipi‘s offlaner.

In tow, dk eL’Pride will be able to play with their captain, us Jason ‘FUN’ Teodosio. However, replacing him for the event will be se Hampus ‘Mini‘ Olsson, renowned wisp and former Europe QPAD Red Pandas player.

Group B

  • us Team Dignitas

  • se TCM Gaming

  • de Uebelst

  • ru Virtus.Pro

Perhaps another DreamHack favourite, se TCM Gaming definitely has home ground advantage. A group with a mix of CIS, American and Western teams, much can be anticipated here as an exchange of playing and drafting styles will be seen.

Group C

  • us Evil Geniuses

  • ua Natus Vincere

  • dk Flip.Sid3 (Former Absolute Legends)

  • -BYOC-

Consisting of teams with podium finishes in the past, Group C will showcase players with experience in DreamHacks past. EG and Na`Vi have both come in 2nd place at DreamHack Winter and last year’s DreamHack Summer respectively. So close yet so far, these two teams will be the ones to look out for, as they attempt to claim what was almost theirs in the past.

Group D

  • se Alliance

  • Europe Fnatic.EU

  • fr Quantic Gaming (Former DD.Dota)

  • -BOYC-

Some sentiments are that Group D consists of the strongest and most aggressive teams in the competition, something that sets them apart from other teams. Alliance came in first place only in the last DreamHack, beating out EGQuantic Gaming showcased impressive skill and impeccable teamwork in The International West Qualifiers. Based on the track record of both teams, it will be safe to assume that the standard of Dota expected will be nothing short of stellar.


  • 1st Place – $22,300
  • 2nd Place – $10,600
  • 3rd – 4th Place – $3,800
  • 5th – 8th Place – $1,500

Game Format:

Two slots up in the group stage will be up for grabs – these places will be given to the vicotrs of the Bring Your Own Computer or BYOC qualifier, played in a LAN style at DreamHack Summer itself.
The group stage will consist of a best-of-one, round-robin format whereby the top two teams from each group advance into the playoffs (Day 2 and 3). Only 8 teams will advance in total into the next stage of the tournament.

The playoffs stage (second) will includes of a single elimination bracket, played in a best-of-three style. This applies to the Grand Finals as well, with a total of 20 games being played.


Note: All games will be played in GMT +2

Saturday, 15 of June

  • 15:00 – BYOC Qualifiers
  • 15:00 – Group A – (Game 1, Round 1)
  • 16:15 – Group A – (Game 2, Round 1)
  • 17:30 – Group A – (Game 3, Round 1)
  • 19:30 – Group B – (Game 1, Round 2)
  • 20:45 – Group B – (Game 2 Round 2)
  • 22:00 – Group B – (Game 3 Round 2)

Sunday – June 16th

  • 10:00 – Group C – (Game 1, Round 3)
  • 11:15 – Group C – (Game 2, Round 3)
  • 12:30 – Group C – (Game 3, Round 3)
  • 14:30 – Group D – (Game 1, Round 4)
  • 15:45 – Group D – (Game 2, Round 4)
  • 17:00 – Group D – (Game 3, Round 4)
  • 19:00 – Quarter Finals Games 1 & 2 (Concurrent)
  • 22:00 – Quarter Finals Games 3 & 4 (Concurrent)

Monday – June 17th

  • 14:00 – Semi Finals Game 1
  • 17:00 – Semi Finals Game 2
  • 21:00 – Grand Finals 1
  • 23:00 – Grand Finals 2 & 3

English streams will be provided by au Toby ‘TobiWan‘ Dawsonus Aaron ‘Ayesee‘ Chambers and us Andy ‘Draskyl‘ Stiles

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