DreamHack Dota 2 Online!

first published on March 4, 2013 by solstice

A new week brings about a new tournament. Organized by DreamHack and co-hosted by The GD Studio, the highlight for this Monday will be the launch of DreamHack’s first Dota 2 tournament for 2013, which will feature a prize pool of $6,000.


The video above, which was posted on their YouTube account recently, was the first hint of the action to come. This tournament will be held throughout March and April, whereby teams will be split into two groups, each group consisting of four players each. The teams will then vie for a spot in the playoffs stage, with only 6 teams making it through.

The top teams, or teams which place first in the group stages, will advance directly to the Semi-Finals. Do note that DotaTV will be broadcasting the matches, and it is expected that in the spirit of DreamHack, the games will be made free-to-watch, without tickets required.

Group A Teams

  • us Team Liquid
  • us Evil Geniuses
  • Europe QPAD Red Pandas
  • ru Team Empire

Group B Teams

  • us Team Dignitas
  • se No TideHunter
  • Europe FnaticEU
  • de Mousesports

Source: JoinDota