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DotA 6.77 AI Map Download

Posted by February 3, 2013

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6.77 dota loading screen
DotA 6.77 AI unofficial version map download.

Description: DotA 6.77 AI EN v1.1.7 Test modified by Ciel.
Filesize: 7.92MB
Release date: 2012-12-22
Language: English
File Download:

Version 1.1.7: DotA v6.77En AI 1.1.7.w3x

Map Notes:

  • Lanaya Trap has been fixed
  • Fixed Phoenix Fire Spirit
  • Lone Druid will now spawn after death
  • Memory leaks are fixed now
  • Ported to official DotA 6.77 AI.
  • Translation from Chinese to English by AsukaHost
  • Bugs with Phoenix Sun Ray and lag are fixed
  • Arc Warden and Winter Wyvern will now use spells
  • Bugs and glitches might occur since it’s not an official release.
  • Enhanced version of DotA 6.74c v1.3b AI.